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Dr Namrata Nagendra did her MBBS and MS from Raghiv Gandhi University Bangalore. She has received best registrar award three years in a row. She has received the first prize for her academic paper in AICOG. She has many papers published in indexed journals. She was the youngest speaker in The Perinatology conference conducted in Mumbai.

She has in depth knowledge about her field and has extremely high rates of vaginal deliveries. Along with delayed cord clamping, she also boasts of 100% golden hour feeding. All her patients are encouraged for exclusive breast feeding. She also has successful results with high-risk obstetrics and gynaecology. She encourages vaginal birth after c section. Her PCOS patients look upto her, because she believes in lifestyle modification and preventive approach towards its treatment. Extremely friendly and polite, she gets along well with her younger patients as she is non-judgemental, accepting and empathetic. Her STI clinics have a high turnover, and she is one of the highest administrators of HPV vaccine, in her region.

She is skilled in doing gynac surgery. Her postoperative care is excellent, and patients feel safe and fit within no time.

She is friendly with staff and junior doctors. She herself practices evidence-based medicines and her protocols are crystal clear and scientifically backed. Which draws the juniors to emulate her?

Educational Qualification:

  • MBBS
  • MS 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Speciality of Dr. Namrata Nagendra?

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To book an appointment online with Dr. Namrata Nagendra, fill in the details on our Apollo Cradle Website "Book Now". You will get an email confirmation with your appointment to confirm your consultation at your chosen time.

Where does Dr. Namrata Nagendra Practise?

Dr. Namrata Nagendra offers in hospital physical consultation at Apollo Cradle, Bengaluru - Koramangala

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