Specialised Fertility Evaluation

A specialized fertility evaluation is a test conducted on both partners. It checks their medical and sexual histories to ensure perfectly healthy babies are born when the mother conceives. This evaluation test can detect any genetic or other issues in either of the partners and suggest treatments accordingly.

Who qualifies for the procedure?

Any person above the age of 18 qualifies for the test. Ideally, couples planning to have a baby can opt for this test to check for their physical and medical details. The test helps them understand if there is any abnormality in their gene and go for further treatments if required. Couples planning to conceive above the age of 35 must also opt for this test to ensure better results. It can also help mature women get pregnant at an older age.

Why the procedure is conducted? 

A specialized fertility evaluation is done to rule out the chances of any abnormality in parents. This helps them have fit and healthy babies without any genetic disorders. The test helps people detect if they are fertile enough. If not, they can also detect the exact problem and opt for a suitable treatment based on the test results.

For instance, the test checks for sperm count through a semen analysis in men. It also checks for any issues in a woman's uterus or fallopian tubes to increase the chances of conception. A fertility evaluation can also check for ovulation patterns in women and determine the best time for conception.

Benefits of a procedure 

Most people prefer a fertility evaluation test before they plan for a baby. Here are some of the benefits of the test.

  1. The test helps parents rule out the chances of having a baby with genetic abnormalities. The test determines if either of the parents has any serious condition that can be transmitted to the child.
  2. The test helps women detect any issue in their uterus or fallopian tubes. Such tests are highly beneficial for women planning to have a baby at an older age. Since the chances of abnormalities are higher in this case, the test helps them rule out such possibilities.
  3. A fertility evaluation test helps in analysing the sperm count in men and detect whether he is fertile. If not, he can go for various treatments to correct the disorder. Such treatments can increase the chances of conception.

Risks or Complications

A specialised fertility evaluation test is risk-free. The test does not affect either the parents or the baby after they conceive. However, the test is safer for men as they only undergo semen analysis.

On the other hand, women who undergo an x-ray of their fallopian tubes might have a slightly higher risk. X-rays can penetrate through the bones of the person and cause complications later. However, fertility tests do not have any long-lasting effect on parents and no effect on babies at all.


A fertility evaluation test can help couples increase their chances of having a baby. They can also determine whether their babies are healthy and do not have any abnormalities when they are born. Thus, couples need to undergo this test and rule out any such possibility. Moreover, the test can help couples choose an appropriate treatment, if they have any abnormality.

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1. Can a fertility evaluation test increase my chances of becoming pregnant?

Yes. A fertility evaluation test can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. The test helps you monitor your ovulation window. This can help you understand the best time to conceive.

2. What conditions can a fertility evaluation test detect?

A fertility evaluation test can check for genetic disorders. It can also check if you or your partner are infertile and suggest suitable treatments. It checks the fallopian tubes and uterus in the woman and the sperm count in the man. This guarantees better chances of conception.

3. Do I need a fertility evaluation test even if I do not have a genetic disorder?

Some genetic traits might be recessive. In such cases, it is impossible to detect if you have a disorder. A fertility evaluation test can help you detect such problems and treat them accordingly.

4. Can a fertility evaluation test affect my baby in future?

Fertility evaluation tests are perfectly safe. They do not affect you or your baby.

5. Do I need to be admitted to a hospital for a fertility evaluation test?

A fertility evaluation test is like a routine test. You can visit a diagnostic centre and complete the formalities. You or your partner do not need to be admitted to a hospital for the test.

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