Uterine Issues

Any condition that affects the uterus is called a uterine issue. They can be of several types, ranging from minor to severe. Treatment for uterine issues depends on their type and related complications.


There are several kinds of uterine problems. While some are more common than others, remember any disease in your uterus can be claimed as a uterine issue. They can range from cervical cancer to abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding.


Uterine issues might have various symptoms depending on the type of issue you have. Here are a few symptoms that indicate you might have a uterine problem:

  1. Heavy bleeding: If you have abnormal bleeding during your periods, it might mean you have uterine disease.
  2. Painful intercourse: People suffering from such issues might have painful sex even after using a lubricant.
  3. Increased urination: If you constantly feel the need to pee, it means you might have a uterine problem.
  4. Heavy period cramps: While cramps are usual during periods, uterine problems can make them worse.
  5. Irregular periods cycle: Women may experience irregular periods if they have a uterine issue.


There might be several reasons for uterine conditions. Here are some of them.

Cysts in the uterus: Also known as fibroids, cysts in your uterus or fallopian tubes can cause uterine diseases.

STD: Diseases spread through intercourse can also cause uterine issues.

While these are the major causes of the disease, there are other reasons too. For instance, uterine issues are common in aged women. Since they have a lack of estrogen in their bodies, it can lead to such infections.

Lifestyle issues like obesity can also increase the risk of uterine diseases. Irregular sleep patterns, smoking, or drinking alcohol are also some of the reasons behind problems in one's uterus.

When to see a doctor

Uterine issues can be serious if you do not treat them on time. Hence, if you experience any of the symptoms, visiting a gynaecologist is a must. Though women might feel shy discussing their intimate health with others, overlooking the symptoms can be risky. Thus, if you experience severe cramps, abnormal bleeding, or other symptoms, visit the doctor right away.

Risk factors 

Elderly women are at a higher risk of uterine issues. Such problems might increase if they plan to have a baby at an older age. Women who suffer from obesity and diabetes can also suffer from these conditions. Eating a lot of junk food can increase one's chances of uterine problems.

Women consuming a lot of alcohol or smoking can also suffer from uterine issues.

Possible complications 

Uterine diseases can be serious if you leave them untreated. It can cause the following complications:

  1. Difficulty in getting pregnant: Women planning to conceive might have issues doing so if they suffer from uterine problems.
  2. Heavy and painful periods: Periods can get worse with uterine infections. They can cause heavy bleeding and extremely painful cramps.
  3. Uterine cancer: Women suffering from uterine infections are at a greater risk of having uterine cancer. Hence, it is vital to treat them as soon as possible.


Eating a healthy diet and exercising can help prevent problems with the uterus. Women should also avoid alcohol. It is important to keep the area around the vagina clean. This will keep your intimate area healthy and help prevent problems with the uterus.

Remedies / Treatment 

Treatment for uterine diseases depends on the type of the disease. If the disease is serious, you might need to be on medication for a long time or even have surgery. For minor diseases, you may just have to take a few pills.

Sometimes doctors will tell you to wait and see if your problem goes away on its own. In this case, the doctor will ask you to keep track of your periods and other symptoms. This period is called "watchful waiting."

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1. How do I know if I have uterine issues?

If you experience symptoms like heavy bleeding during periods, severe cramps, or a burning sensation in your vagina, it could mean you have a uterine issue.

2. Can I have uterine cancer from an existing uterine issue?

Yes, untreated uterine issues can cause uterine cancer. However, this is true only for severe cases of uterine infections.

3. How long can it take to cure my uterine issue?

The time taken to treat the disease depends on its type. If it is a mild infection, it might take a week. However, if it is something serious, you might need prolonged treatment.

4. Can intercourse cause infections in the uterus?

Yes, it can spread various infections in your uterus, especially if your partner is a carrier.

5. Can I be pregnant if I have a uterine issue?

Getting pregnant with uterus issues can be difficult. Though it is possible, you might have several complications in your pregnancy.

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