Childbirth Preparation Classes

What Exactly Is Child Birthing Preparation Classes

Childbirth classes prepare you for what to expect when your baby is delivered. They usually go through the indications of labor, the different methods of pain management during labor, the phases of childbirth, potential birth difficulties (and how the medical team will address them), and infant care. Birthing classes come in various approaches, so pick one that corresponds to your childbearing philosophy. You and your spouse can enrol in childbirth classes in a hospital or birthing centre or attend an online birthing class from the comfort of your home.

What Subjects Are Covered in Birthing Classes?

A typical birthing class will include discussions, lectures, and exercises by a certified childbirth educator. Topics commonly discussed include:

  • Labor indicators
  • When to contact your OB/GYN or midwife if you are in labor
  • Labor and delivery procedures
  • Various modes of delivery
  • Labor pain management approaches
  • How your partner can help you during childbirth
  • Relaxation and coping techniques for labor

While techniques differ depending on the sort of class you attend (more on that below), the general purpose of a childbirth class is to prepare you for childbirth, assist you in making educated decisions about the birthing process, and alleviate your worries about labour and delivery.

When Is the Ideal Time to Attend a Childbirth Class?

Some hospitals recommend taking a birthing class in your third trimester so that the material is fresh whenever it's time to deliver. But if you think that's pushing it or want to attend over one class, you may start sooner.

Childbirth lessons range from one-day intense seminars to weekly sessions that last several months, depending on your class. If having other children or working from home makes studying simpler, several hospitals and birthing programs, including Lamaze and Bradley, offer virtual lessons.

Taking a birthing class in the second pregnancy has certain advantages: Some birthing programs cover selecting a pregnancy and labor provider, which is something you'll want to be sure of as quickly as possible (with extra time to change providers, if necessary). However, it may be wiser to postpone taking a breastfeeding session until your third trimester, when you'll be closer to nursing.

Several Popular Types of Childbirth Classes

Some birthing programs teach a specific childbirth approach, although many, such as those given at a hospital, do not. 

Here are a few of the best-known birthing education options:

Lamaze classes

Lamaze International's workshops, according to the organisation, aim to assist women in making better-educated healthcare decisions. In a Lamaze class, you'll learn numerous coping techniques, respiration and mobility techniques, and other natural ways to calm yourself during labour. 

Bradley's Method

The Bradley method of birthing is based on the belief that childbirth is a natural occurrence and that, with proper preparation, some women may forego pain medicine and other medical treatments during labour and birth. The 12-week Bradley method curriculum stresses the benefits of food and exercise throughout pregnancy, teaches deep breathing methods to handle discomfort, and includes your partner in the delivery process.

Classes in HypnoBirthing

The Mongan Method, also known as HypnoBirthing, instructs you to completely relax your body, utilising self-hypnosis to achieve a more peaceful and safe delivery. While the emphasis is on natural childbirth and pregnancy, the skills taught are equally beneficial to moms who require medical assistance during labour and delivery.


Sometimes, your delivery does not go as planned, no matter how well-planned you are. You might have to change your birth plan for several medical reasons. The lesson here is to prepare as much as possible but understand that your body and newborn will most likely impact how you give birth. If you want to take child birthing classes and face any difficulty during pregnancy, then Apollo Hospital provides different services in and around labor, including the best birthing classes.

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1. What are the benefits of prepared birthing classes?

Birthing lessons are an essential aspect of preparing for a baby. They can assist you in creating a birth plan and reducing your concern about the unknown factors of labour and delivery.

2. What aspects should you think about before selecting a birthing class?

Check that the class covers the labour process, coping methods, medical and non-medical pain treatment, and treatment options.

3. What three things may parents know in a childbirth education class?

Preparing for labour and birth. Pain relief can be achieved via relaxation and massage treatments. Labor assistance. Communication abilities.

4. What is the most popular method of preparing for childbirth?

Lamaze, Read, and Bradley's most prevalent methods of preparations are predicated on the premise that anxiety and stress cause a lot of the pain of delivery.

5. What preparation will you make for the delivery?

When you are 9 months pregnant, gently stretch your perineum daily to get it ready for delivery. Perineal stimulation will facilitate your labour and prevent vaginal membrane shearing.

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