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Educational Qualification

  • MBBS,
  • DNB Radiodiagnosis
  • Fellowship in Fetal Medicine

Professional area of Interest

  • Antenatal Scanning, Fetal Doppler, First Trimester Genetic Screening, TIFFA, Fetal Echoand 3D/4D Scan of Fetus
  • Believes in Picking anomalies at NT Scan (11-13 weeks) as it facilitates early termination of fetal defects are present which is safer for mother.
  • Gynec Scans like transvaginal pelvic scan, follicular scan and 3D pelvic scans for uterine anomalies. Keen interest in defining pelvic anatomy and addhesions in patients with adenomyosis and endometriosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Speciality of Dr. Rashmi B R?

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How do I Book an Appointment online with Dr. Rashmi B R?

To book an appointment online with Dr. Rashmi B R, fill in the details on our Apollo Cradle Website "Book Now". You will get an email confirmation with your appointment to confirm your consultation at your chosen time.

Where does Dr. Rashmi B R Practise?

Dr. Rashmi B R offers in hospital physical consultation at Apollo Cradle, Bengaluru - Koramangala

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