Childbirth Preparation Classes

Birthing classes or childbirth preparation classes impart important knowledge about the stages of childbirth. From early signs of labour, possible complications, and pain management to caring for newborns and breastfeeding, childbirth preparation classes prepare the parents for this incredible journey.

What are the different types of childbirth preparation classes?

Early pregnancy classes: These are typically group classes that include topics related to the following:

  • Antenatal screening tests
  • Pregnancy diet and exercises
  • Emotional and physical changes
  • Preparations for labour and birth

Couples classes: These classes are designed for first-time parents. They help the partners get involved in the birthing process. It prepares both the would-be mother and father for labour, birth, and activities related to early parenthood. These classes are the best opportunities for couples to meet other new parents-to-be.

Women-only classes: There are several queries that women have about pregnancies, and a couple of classes may not be ideal to discuss them. In women-only classes, new moms can freely engage in subjects that may not be included in couple’s sessions.

Dedicated sessions: Several units offer sessions dedicated to different techniques, for instance, multiple births, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), water birth, active birth, hypnobirthing (a relaxed and natural childbirth approach enhanced by self-hypnosis), and the Alexander Technique (which aims at improving ease, movement, flexibility, balance, and coordination).

How do I choose the best childbirth preparation classes?

  • The childbirth preparation classes must be affiliated with a hospital and be in sync with your ideas of an ideal birth.
  • Choose what suits you best: online or in-person classes. Virtual classes can keep you away from a lot of hassles and can be free as well.
  • While opting for an in-person class, find out the maximum class size (for instance, more than 10 will be too large) and if the sessions are interactive.
  • Focus on the curriculum. An ideal course includes topics like delivery options (C-sections and natural ways), ways to cope with pain (massage, aromatherapy, acupressure, or delivery using a birthing ball), and pain-relief options such as epidurals. The course must also educate students about psychological and emotional changes and their management systems.
  • Postpartum information and assistance are vital. Many new parents take classes that cover infant first aid, breastfeeding, and infant CPR after the newborn arrives.

What are the benefits of childbirth preparation classes?

Depending on the choice of childbirth preparation classes, new parents get answers to various questions from a healthcare expert or instructor. A few common benefits of these childbirth preparation classes include:

  • Addressing pregnancy-related fears
  • Possible delivery complications and how to tackle them
  • Relaxing and breathing techniques
  • Pain management techniques for labour
  • Pain relief measures and how and when to use them
  • Various labour positions to relieve pain, speed the labour, and help the baby line up with the pelvis
  • Basics of newborn care, including the baby’s anatomy, physiology, breastfeeding, and postpartum care
  • Ways the partner can help and support through labour and pregnancy

When's the best time to take childbirth preparation classes?

According to most hospitals, the best time to take birthing classes is in the third trimester. This will ensure that the information stays fresh around the time of delivery. But many couples or new moms opt for them early.

The early classes (taken in the first or second trimester) cover the essential basics like sex, nutrition, exercise, and foetal development. Classes in the third-trimester focus on labour and delivery techniques, breastfeeding, baby care, and postpartum mother care.

The bottom line is that any time is a good time to take and finish the classes. The goal is to complete it before the due date!


Childbirth preparation classes, whether online or in person, are fun and informative. With several videos, quizzes, and fun interactions, both the learning journey and the pregnancy journey can be an easy ride all along. These classes empower new parents and instil more confidence in them. The best birthing classes ensure a sound and safe pregnancy, labour, and delivery.

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1. Why do I need childbirth preparation classes?

These classes prepare you (and your husband) for the highs and lows of pregnancy, labour, and birth. The instructors can give enough time and answers to the queries, which you cannot expect at your doctor's appointment.

2. Should second-time parents also enrol in childbirth preparation classes?

Yes, why not? You must know that every labour and delivery is different. Moreover, you may get to learn more about new factors or options related to childbirth. A woman bearing her next child may benefit largely from a refresher course.

3. Are online childbirth preparation classes better than offline ones?

Both the classes online or in-person come with pros and cons. Online classes offer more flexibility. You can watch the modules at your convenience and even review the portions multiple times if needed. But you will miss the hands-on experiences that come with one-on-one learning. For instance, practising breathing techniques, mastering a pose, changing a diaper (on a baby doll), massaging, and swaddling them.

4. How do birthing classes help in overcoming fears related to pregnancy?

Hospitals or private instructors all offer several types of classes. They equip new parents with tools and information to make the birthing experience positive and pleasant. Sharing your concerns in a class with instructors and other parents-to-be and seeking answers can empower you. Overall, confidence can help you achieve a more satisfying childbirth experience.

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