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Artboard 1 Maternity & Birthing Maternity or pregnancy is the natural phenomenon during which one or more babies develop ... Fetal Medicine Over the years Fetal Medicine has emerged as a special entity which is separate from Obstetrics and Gynecology... Gynecology Every stage in a woman's life comes with its own set of new developments,sometimes bewildering changes... Laparoscopy Surgeries laparoscopic surgery is a procedure that is performed just by making small incisions rather than large... Newborn Care Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital aims to provide the superior quality of patient care... PICU In the PICU premises, almost all the patients will be connected to tubing and other medical devices... Pediatrics A Pediatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in the physical, behavioural and mental health of children right from birth till the age of 16... Learn More

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We, at Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital, are the country's leading and most trusted healthcare destination, both for the mother as well as for the child. Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital offers patients the highest quality care and most advanced treatment in the country in nearly every medical specialty including Gynecology, Laparoscopy, Pediatrics & Neonatology, Fertility, Fetal Medicine & NICU etc., all supported with the highly qualified specialists.

At our signature state-of-the-art facilities all over the country, we ensure that every child and mother receive the highest levels of care. We provide comprehensive range of health care services under one roof to provide growing medical needs of today’s women and children.

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Happy Mom's Speaks

Dr. Amitha is a very good doctor, we had a good experience being treated with her.

Prajakta Patil

Dr. Amitha she is the best fetal medicine doctor. she has explained me each everything in detail, Thank you.

Amreen Fatima

Dr. Amitha mam very nice she explained every thing in detail. we strongly recommend her for fetal scan’s


Dr.Amitha is really good &explains everything during each and every scan.


My wife had a good experience with Dr. Amitha Indersen very good in Fetal Medicine. Explains everything clearly. Highly recommended.

Pavan Kumar

Dr. Amitha mam was very nice and explained everything in detail about the scan.


Dr. Amitha is very cordially & Polite it has been a great experience with her, she explains the ultrasound very well.

S. Sravya

It was our first time here with Dr. Koteswar Rao as our specialist and our experience here was definitely pleasant. The doctor seems patient & very kid friendly, and it has put us at ease.

Supriya Saripalli

Dr. Amitha is friendly and she has very patience and clears every doubt we raise.

E. Kavyasree

We have been visited Amitha madam since 7 months she explained everything in detail and very kind to patients. I suggesst Amitha madam for all the scans we feel very comfortable after she conducts the scan…….Thank you very much madam.


We had an amazing experience at Apollo Cradle, with the kind of support & care we received from everybody in the Cradle family. From the renowned doctors to nurses, front desk and housekeeping staff, I thank you all for your love & care.

Mrs. Komal Prasad

It was an awesome experience with Apollo Cradle. We were very happy with all the services. Our doctor, Jasmine Rath, nurses, front desk and housekeeping staff were extremely helpful, patient and considerate. Thank you to everyone.

Mrs. Mayuri & Prasanna

Apollo Cradle is highly recommended birthing place. I had a very joyful journey at Apollo Cradle during my stay. All the staff were very friendly. One the day I admitted there I was surprised to see the ambience; it was too welcoming. Special thanks to Dr. Vimee Bindra for offering best care.

Shaoni Basu

I had my delivery done in Apollo Cradle under Dr Vimee Bindra. My stay here at Apollo was comfortable and I faced no troubles during the stay. The staff ensured our comfort and catered to all our needs time to time. The nurses are very responsive and addressed all our concerns. The doctor explained everything very clearly and was very helpful. I’d surely recommend it to my family and friends.

Mrs.Arshiya Nausheen

My experience at Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills was excellent. Dr Vimee Bindra is very knowledgeable, skilled and treats you with politeness. The nurses are very responsive and soft-spoken. All your needs are taken care of, the meals are provided on time and a clean environment is ensured. My stay here was very comfortable. I would surely recommend Apollo to others.


We chose Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hill for my delivery and I surely had the best experience at Apollo. Here, I was attended by Dr Vimmi Bindra, who is a kind and skilled doctor. The staff, including the doctor, nurses, housekeeping, all made me feel at ease during the course of my stay. The meals were given on time and were of good quality. I’d recommend it in the future!


I had my delivery in Apollo Cradle, Kondapur under the care of Dr Vimee. The services provided by Apollo are at par. The staff, including, doctor, nurses here are really kind, knowledgeable and skilled. The food and hygiene are of high-quality. All our queries and doubts were addressed most efficiently. I’d surely recommend Apollo to others in the future

Mrs. Malyuun

I came to Apollo Cradle for my delivery under the care of Dr Vimee Bindra and I am highly satisfied with the treatment I received here. From the admission to discharge, we did not face any troubles. The complete experience was very smooth and homelike. The doctors are skilled. The nurses and housekeeping staff attend to your needs and are well-behaved. I would certainly recommend it to my family and friends.

Mrs Nupur Sengupta

I came to Apollo Cradle for my delivery under the care of Dr Vimee Bindra, who performed her job skillfully and made sure I experienced no inconvenience. We opted for the luxurious suite, which was well-equipped and everything was in good working condition. The washrooms were clean. The staff here is very responsive and caring. The meals served were satisfactory. I would surely recommend it to my friends and family.

Mrs.Sunanda Devi

Apollo Cradle provides exceptionally good service. The doctors, nurses and housekeeping staff were very supportive, and kind.

Mrs. Ankita Sharma

Thanks to the entire staff at the hospital for being so supportive. Thank you to Dr. Vimee Bindra and all nurses because they are really efficient in everything they do. I am happy because I did a C – Section in this hospital, with experienced staff caring for me. I wish success to everyone here.

Mrs. Hiba

With Cradle, Apollo has proven its brand reputation whether it comes to services, doctors, nurses, or house keeping. Excellent! Everyone made us feel at home. I am really happy to deliver my baby in Cradle. I will refer this hospital to my friends as well.

Mrs. Mohana

My experience at Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hill was excellent. I came here for my delivery and found the services to be at par. The staff here is hospitable and took great care of all our needs. Dr Shanthi is skilled and addressed all our queries efficiently. The infrastructure is good and hygiene is well-maintained. The food was provided on time and the quality was also good. I’d definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Mrs. Jahanavi

Thank you every one at Apollo Cradle for making this experience very pleasant and memorable. Thank you once again.

Mrs. AnanthaLakshmi

Thanks to Dr. Mahitareddy for her abundant care and attentiveness during my stay at Apollo Cradle. I had a very safe delivery. The care tips and suggestions provided by her are still useful for taking caring of myself and my baby even after baby’s birth. Grateful to the whole team!


It was an amazing experience at Apollo Cradle, from giving birth to getting pampered by the staff and every single person towards the end of my stay. Thank you so much Apollo Cradle, for making it a memorable journey.

Mrs. Jaanvi

Thank you so much to the entire Apollo Cradle team, nursing and hospitality staff. You all made our experience even better. Special thanks to our highly experienced doctor, Mahita Reddy for making our journey so pleasant.

Dr. Amreenunnisa

It’s great being at Apollo Cradle. The way they care for their patients is extremely good. I would recommend women to get treated at Apollo because of its pleasant environment & excellent care.

Dr. Sowjanya

Dr. Prameelasekhar is the most proficient and skillful expert. She had made my delivery a smoother and risk free one. She explained me all the precautions and care tips with patience. All the nurses are helpful at any odd time. The food was too yummy! Thanks Apollo Cradle.


I came to Apollo Cradle for my delivery under Dr Prameela Sekhar and I can say that the doctor is excellent and services are good. The behaviour of the front office staff was a bit disappointing at the time of admission. The taste and quality of food were also not up to par. Rest, the staff and the services provided were good. The place is hygienic and well-maintained.


Patient care at its best: Apollo Cradle. I’ll recommend this hospital to all my relatives.

Mrs. Sushmita

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for our family to visit Apollo Cradle. We were impressed with the service, treatment, doctor-patient care. Thanks a lot for being a major support in bringing our little bundle joy into this world.

Mrs. Namratha

It was one beautiful experience to deliver our baby here at Apollo Cradle. Thanks to the entire team for their care and unconditional support.

Mrs. Avanthi

I’m humbled and grateful to the entire team of Apollo Cradle for being a great support during pregnancy and delivery. Thanks to one and all.

Mrs. Anusha

Dr. Jasime doctor for my mother-in-law having periods problem. The way doctor has been completed satisfied

Gopi Meesala

Dr. Jasmin Rath Mam for my Wife’s pregnancy. She is good listener and patiently answers all the queries we have. She is very experienced and understands and handles the patient well. Would definitely recommend her. Edit: Had delivered baby at Kondapur on 9th April. The process went smooth. The Doctors, the nurses, the care takers all were very professional and knowledgeable. The paediatrician assigned were supportive and helpful. He Explained everything with details on how the baby condition is, tested the baby’s eyes and also tested for Jaundice regularly. The dietitian provided the meals according to the condition on time and took care of all the nutrients and macros. The management at apollo craddle were also mostly professional. The rooms were cleaned twice a day and biggest surprise was the Aya’s, they were very helpful whenever we needed they helped with anything like taking to washrooms and cleaning. I highly recommend this hospital.

Rahul Rvj

Entire process was very smooth Dr. Jasmine Rath was very helpful my wife surgery hystocopy. my refer Dr. arthi ramaro. The process from admission to checkout was very smooth. very good service given all staff 2nd floor nursing staff all and of staff and LDR nursing staff is taking care good service given. house keeping, food , hospital management is also very good given service floor manager is also helpful mam my discharge summary explain sister is very good Ranjitha thank Apollo hospital kondapur

Byragani Keshava

We consulted Dr. Jasmin rath mam for delivery. She is explained very good in all details. Very good Dr. For consulted Dr. Jasmin rath mam. Pediatrics dr.suguna Reddy she explained each and every thing for baby . All 2nd floor sister Nandani , slaja , Sneha Kiran sister all taking care my baby very good . Canteen service is also good. LdR sister is also taking care good sampurn sister ,savita sister , Thank u all team entire .. Amma is also give good service. Our floor manager mrs. Priyanka mam is explained all problems. Sloved nicely Thanks for all helping Cleaning is very good hospital. Security staff is also good for floor. Thank u Apollo hospitals Kondapur. I remember this hospital & Thank u our Dr. Jasmin rath mam

Korvi Jangaiah

I have been visiting doctor Jasmin rath for my second pregnancy and as of now the doctor is good at explaining the problem or anything to the patient. the thing i like about her is the way she deals with her patients in a humble manner, and does not let the patient go anxious, explains in a very simple language. will see how my delivery goes with her. fingers crossed. will post the review again after my delivery

Divyashree Ambashtha

Entire process was very smooth. Dr Jasmin rath was very helpful throughout the maternity journey and we really appreciate her guidance and expertise. The process from admission to checkout was very smooth and we were given every bit of care possible even during late nights and very early morning. Paediatric consultation with Dr Avash was good and he explained everything in detail and answered our every query. Heartfelt thanks to the care manager for helping us in all aspects, nursing staff and dai maa in OT(don’t remember the name)

Pragati Bhal

I had planned my delivery here with Dr. Jashmin Rath. It was a pleasant journey. Jashmin mam is really best. My OT experience was great, all staffs were excellent. After coming to room nursing staff were little off track but after reporting the issue it got resolved. Good below; House keeping Food Hospital management Duty Doctors Here, the floor manager Miss Priya Kumari was really supportive for any concern and issues. I truly appreciate her politeness and helping nature. Thanks for all the help.

Sovana Mishra

It is our pleasure to have cared by Dr. Jasmin Rath (Gynecologist) and Dr. Avash Kumar Pani (Pediatrician) during and after birth of our first baby at Apollo Cradle Kondapur, Hyderabad. Their advice and service has been brilliant. The whole group of nursing, admin and cleaning staff were very co-operative. I would surely recommend this team of healthcare provider and the facility at this hospital. Thanks very much.

Anupam Kahali

I have consulted with Dr.Jasmin Rath mam for gynaecology. She is the best doctor to be referred. She understands the patient so well that you can ask her any doubt and she will listen and answer all questions. She is also very punctual and waiting time is very minimal if you have prior appointment with her. I will always be obliged to her for her guidance, support and treatment.

Geetanjali’s Miniworid

Dr Jasmin Rath for myomectomy surgery, she was very kind and helpful towards my whole journey. I would like to suggest every one who’s looking for good and efficient treatment can visit her for their good life ahead.

Sweetz Angel

We have consulted for abdominal cyst , which was treated by Dr Jasmin Rath , she treated good. Sevice is good and food section is also fine. But we find delay in billing process, please try to improve fast service.

Ajay Kumar Chitumalla

I have started mu journey from the 1st day I conceived till the delivery in Apollo Cradle . She is very friendly and completely patient’s centric. We are blessed with baby with normal delivery and it was very smooth and safe. All credit goes to Dr. Jasmin Rath mam. Thanq mam for all effort given by you. I have admitted on a holiday at night time but she came immediately and taken care every thing. All the staafs medical, paramedical and general staffs are very nice and cooperative. I am also thankful to Paediatrician Dr. Sugana reddy, she taken care of baby very well. She taken care very well to solve initial complications and also during the delivery.

Debasmita Panda

I have been Consulting Dr Jasmine Rath during my wife’s pregnancy. Very nice doctor. Very friendly and one can freely discuss personal and practical issues with her. Delivery also happened safely. And now I am blessed with a baby boy. I am also thankful to Dr. Taheer Shaik, paediatrician, who took good care and provided very good consultation for my child. He was also present during childbirth and i am grateful to him for skillfully handling the complications that arose during delivery. Special mention for Dr. Vinoda, lactation specialist who provided very good care and guidance for my wife. Really impressed with the facilities,nursing staff, house keeping and admin staff at this hospital. Very helpful.

Pinak Mohanty

We had our baby delivered at cradle kondapur and it was a mixed experience. I would really like to thank Dr Jasmin Rath maam and Care manager Priyanka maam for their regular support, guidance and all the help provided. They were very proactive and helped me meet all the challeneges easily. But i would like to highlight the issue wherein the nurses treated the babies as products and not like babies. Its really disheartening to see this kind of service from a reputed hospital. Apart from that with regards to communication, support, billing everything was very nice and i would like to thank everyone for their timely help and assistance.

Aseem Anupam

As this is my first baby, we were prepared with all necessary things thanks to Dr Jasmine Rath who is excellent thought out our pregnancy journey and explain all option during consultation . And on the delivery day also we won’t feel much tension because of the staff members who is good at helping and expertise the process and procedures. We enrol for Apollo Cradle birthing packages by the care manager Piyus and he clearly informed the package details. All the staff at NICU are good especially Dr. Suguna Reddy . All the nursing staff at 2nd floor was polite , humble and cool in nature to serve good service and Lastly, I would love to thanks security and house keeping staff for keeping my stay at Apollo Cradle warm and safe. Definitely it was well recommend for people who wants hash less and tension free experience during pregnancy . Good work team .

Snehasish Das

All staffs are very well trained and well behaved. My maternity journey was so touched with this hospital. I was admitted under Dr jasmine Rath. She was just next to God for me. And my Bnew born Baby’s pediatric consultant was Dr Taheer Shaik. Highly recommend this hospital.

Aritra Mukherjee

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