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Pregnancy phase in every women is most precious and the major need is those extra and nutritious food stuffs. Preggo has expert dieticians and nutritionists to balance your nutritional needs during your pregnancy. Also Preggo ensures you to be the fittest mom; it has a set of exercises that helps you regain your shape after your pregnancy. Preggo has specially designed exercises such as pelvic floor muscles, breathing exercises, leg exercises, tummy exercises, and also gives you special recipes to munch on that helps you to be devoid of gaining more pounds.

Preggo gives you super and healthy recipes which includes salads to desserts, roasted salmon to healthy mixes. Preggo recipes make you crave for healthy and relishing diet. Also, it offers you traditional recipes like kichidi with a tint of health. Preggo’s smoothies and chicken nuggets are the ones which you will crave for.