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Mother and Child – In Safe Hands

We at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, are India’s leading healthcare destination for women and children, driven by the aim to provide highest standards of care for every patient, mother, baby and child. Even after 36years and over 2,00,000+ babies delivered, each mother and baby is unique to us.

Health is quintessentially is, based on relationships, which in turn depends on the basic element of trust. The very personal nature of healthcare makes it all the more critical for trust to be part of the patient experience. Trust is established and built, when a patient can walk in and feel secure in the knowledge that he or she is in the care of the best minds and the safest hands.

Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient, every mother, every baby and every child. The Apollo Group’s legacy of over 36 years of clinical excellence runs through every aspect of Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital. The strong belief in ‘the better the care, the safer the patients’ has stood the hospital in good stead over the years. And the facts speak for themselves – the one year and five year safety records are exemplary to say the least.

Apollo’s legacy of excellence, Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital attracts the crème de la crème of consultants. The surgical and nursing teams are among the most experienced in the country. The hospital’s staffing levels are higher than anywhere else and the experience and capability of the specialist nursing teams are second to none.

Ongoing skill development and enhancement programs for the various teams, regular auditing of treatments and procedures, and learning from the feedback of patients keep the hospital focused on exemplary service to patients and their relatives.

The state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and facilities follow international protocols of safety and efficiency. For those occasions when a newborn baby needs specialist care, there is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). A High Dependency Unit (HDU) is in place for patients who need to be monitored very closely. On the rare occasion where a mother might need temporary intensive care, she is stabilized in the HDU and then transferred to the nearest Apollo Hospital which has all the essential medical staff and technology for any and every emergency. The patient transfer procedures are robust too, with each Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital having its own fully-equipped ambulance.

The low rate of complications at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital can be attributed to the insistence that every expectant mother undergoes a thorough pre-assessment and pre-delivery check. Nothing is left to chance. If a mother is deemed to be high risk the required treatment protocols are followed to ensure the mother’s safety.

The culture of safety runs soul-deep in Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital. That is why your loved ones and you are always, in safe hands.

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