7 Tips on how to increase fertility for men

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It takes two to create a baby. If your sperm is not strong or healthy enough to reach or penetrate the egg, there will be no fertilisation process, and hence your partner will not be able to conceive. Some problems, ranging from genetics and hormonal factors to lifestyle and environmental exposures may cause issues in terms of fertility in men.

You must have and maintain an erection, possess the adequate amount of sperm that moves in the correct way and has good sperm quality to fertilize the egg off your partner. It takes just one sperm to fertilize the egg but any factor that affects any of the above can result in infertility. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without success, it’s time you make a few lifestyle changes. Mentioned below are seven tips to boost male fertility:

1.Stay fit and lose those extra pounds

It is very important to exercise, stay fit and aim for a healthy weight to increase your fertility. A recent study has concluded that men who are overweight or obese not only have a decreased sperm count but also decreased quality. Having a high BMI can decrease your sperm’s ability to swim and damages the DNA i.e. the genetic material present in your sperm. Researchers also believe that excessive body fat can cause changes in and reduce the reproductive hormone levels such as the testosterone level, causing infertility in men.

2.Abstain from smoking

Smoking hurts your health. Another reason to kick this habit is because it also affects your fertility. Smoking is terrible for your sperm quality as it results in low sperm count, a decrease in sperm movement and affects sperm quality. According to recent studies, the sperm’s ability to fertilise a woman’s egg also decreases if you smoke.

3.Reduce your alcohol intake

Research proves that too much alcohol increases male infertility as it decreases sperm motility (i.e. the ability of your sperm to move properly), affects sperm quality and reduces your sperm count. It is also advisable to quit drinking if you are undergoing IVF treatment since it increases the risk of stillbirth.

4.Add antioxidants to your diet

Apart from fighting heart diseases and cancer, antioxidants also increase fertility in men. There was a huge reduction in DNA damaged sperms in those men who consumed antioxidants in their diet according to a recent study. The antioxidants mentioned below are especially noticed to improve sperm quality and should be a part of your daily diet:

  • Zinc- oysters, crabs, red meat, beans
  • Vitamin C- papaya, berries, citrus fruits
  • Selenium- tuna, chicken, cod, beef

5. Frequent sex and ejaculation

Having a happy relationship with frequent and happy sex can work wonders in causing you to relax and remove the element of infertility related to stress and anxiety.

6.Avoid a chemically toxic environment

It is very important to avoid a toxic environment since it increases male infertility. Farmers exposed to pesticides, and those exposed to varnishes and paints are prone to fertility complications such as lower sperm count due to their exposure to chemicals. Wear gloves or a mask and keep your body covered from toxic chemicals if you happen to work or live in such an environment.

7.Keep things cool

You need to keep your genitals cool as higher temperatures are known to affect your sperm resulting issues in terms of fertility in men. Avoid frequent and prolonged hot baths or working for long hours with the laptop in your lap can cause this effect. Also, wear breathable clothes and switch to boxers from briefs.

However, sometimes despite doing all you can to increase your fertility levels, problems may persist. In such cases, visiting a fertility specialist can be of great help as he or she can guide you and offer you the correct diagnosis for the specific problem you face.