4 Keys to preventing infertility in men

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The inability of couples to conceive or become pregnant is a problem that is raising its ugly head far too much in the near past and present. The percentage of couples facing infertility is growing by the day. Infertility in men is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of regular intercourse without use of contraceptives.

Earlier, infertility was considered to be a women-centric however problem, Studies have shown that in 32% of cases there are problems associated with the male partner, in 32% of cases the causes are related to the female partner, there are causes attributable with both in 17% of cases and in 19% of cases the reasons are unexplained. Ways to prevent infertility in men include:

  1. Concentrate on a healthy lifestyle: Low sperm count is associated with some factors like heavy smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, drug abuse, etc. Quit your addictions to improve your Avoid prolonged hot baths and wearing tight fitting undergarments as heat can lower your sperm count.
  1. Reduce your chemical exposure: Chemical exposure such as to work related chemicals can cause damage to your sperm count and quality.
  1. Improve your diet: Include fresh fruits, whole grains, legumes and foods rich in antioxidants in your daily diet to boost your fertility. Cut down on refined carbohydrates and foods containing artificial additives. Maintain an ideal body weight as obesity is associated with loss of libido and infertility. Exercise regularly to stay healthy.
  1. Take nutritional supplements

Fertility enhancing supplements include zinc and folic acid may improve sperm count. However, further studies are needed to understand how these micronutrients work together.

Male infertility is not uncommon and neither is it a cause of embarrassment or shame. It is something that can affect anyone. Any investigation into failure to conceive always starts with counseling the couple and understanding the cause. If for you, the cause is related to the male partner, consult a specialist who will be able to treat you is the cause can be determined.