It is not unusual for children to fall sick or even get injured during their childhood. During this time, your child requires specialised management to treat their disorder and aid in their recovery. Our paediatric urgent care centre is designed to provide sick, injured or recovering children with the highest level of medical care. Through this facility, your child will have complete access to intensive nursing care and continuous monitoring, which is crucial to their health and recovery. Parents are provided with accommodation nearby and psychological support, should they require it.

With a skilled medical staff and advanced equipment at Apollo Cradle, your child will experience dedicated treatment, care and comfort that will ensure a speedy recovery. Our skilled team of healthcare professionals is well experienced in caring for children suffering from acute and critical illness or injury. They possess the necessary skill sets to assess acute conditions quickly and treat your child, thus providing the best outcome possible.

Equipped with advanced technology, the paediatric intensive care at Apollo Cradle is well designed not only to improve the chances of survival but also speed up the recovery process. With the best and innovative medical equipment, we also aim to relieve pain and suffering in the most caring and respectful manner.

In addition to the treatment that is being received, the unfamiliar environment can be stressful for your child. Escalating stress levels can hamper the treatment your child is receiving, which in turn, can affect their recovery. At Apollo Cradle, our intensive care services are designed to provide a non-threatening environment that will ensure that your child feels completely safe.