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  Every woman must have been advised at least once that ‘you should know everything that is going on with your body.’ This usually happens when you start your menstrual …..

A gynaecologist by profession, Dr. Asmita Potdar, Apollo Cradle, Pune, shares a few tips for pregnant women on how to stay hydrated and relax in this summer heat with Life …..

First pregnancy? Want to choose natural birth but fear keeps getting in the way? How about giving fear some reasons to stay away. After all, natural birth is the healthier …..

It takes two to create a baby. If your sperm is not strong or healthy enough to reach or penetrate the egg, there will be no fertilisation process, and hence …..

The inability of couples to conceive or become pregnant is a problem that is raising its ugly head far too much in the near past and present. The percentage of …..

The continuation of life is a natural instinct for any organism. This is probably why you hear so many myths about fertility.  Some of these are rooted in scientific facts, …..

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