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Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital has the top-notch Labour Delivery Rooms (LDR) which are well-designed thoughtfully considering all the requirements. LDR are nearby pre/post-operative recovery bay in order to avoid any discomfort to the mothers while shifting. We have rooms with soothing colors and multi-positioning beds that can accommodate a variety of birthing positions. There is also a provision for playing favourite music tracks to make the patient feel good.

Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospitale’s state-of-the-art operation theatres are fitted with laminar air flow and HEPA filters to provide the most sterile environment. Our post-operative wards are equipped with latest ventilators and advanced monitoring systems providing our patient’s focused post-operative care.

Emergency Care

We have Level III NICU facility that is fully equipped with monitoring facilities and advanced incubators to take care of the newborn. The newborns in our NICU are kept under the care of a Consultant Neonatologist and qualified trained Resident Pediatric doctors, manage the newborns 24/7.

At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, the paediatric intensive care unit is equipped with advanced technology, and is well designed not only to improve the chances of survival but also speed up the recovery process. With the best and innovative medical equipment, we also aim to relieve pain and suffering in the most caring and respectful manner.

At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we have a state-of-the-art, round-the-clock Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) to care for expectant mothers, whose conditions may be unstable and volatile. We have a team of specialists in critical care related to maternity, with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care for patients who are faced with difficulty during delivery.

Our ambulance services are inculcated with robust transfer procedures and provides timely availability when in the emergency. Our fully loaded state-of-the-art ambulances feature advanced life-saving equipment like ventilators and are manned by emergency management teams. We respond 24×7 to crisis calls. Whether it is an emergency delivery or transfer of a critically ill newborn into our level III NICU with us you are always in safe hands.

Obstetrical Ultrasound Units at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital offers precise ultrasound scans. We have the high-end quality of 4D/5D imaging systems that provide accurate reports of the fetal development. These scans also offer the expecting parents the opportunity to see their baby growth.

Your stay

Every Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital Centre has an around-the-clock pharmacy within the facility, staffed by a team of registered pharmacists to provide the medications needed. Located on the ground floor of our Centers, close to the main reception.

Pre-registration for the stay ensures no delay in admitting. There are different packages for procedures of choice, and also you can choose the accommodation as per your affordability. We also provide the bill estimate for your admission in advance.

We have a clear list of stay guidelines that give you information about the admission, stay, doctor, and other facilities.

Tertiary Care

What makes Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital unique and magnificent is delivering excellent, timely and prompt services. The patient’s trust which is built over 3 decades is remarkable. Till date Apollo group stands as the largest healthcare group. Apollo’s vast network gives Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital patients access to a network of over 5000 doctors. We have a proactive team of expert doctors from all specialties such as Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Pediatric Orthopedics, Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Nephrologists & ENT.