Preggo Classes

Pregnancy affects different women differently. The risk levels of pregnancy can differ based on your BMI, medical history and fitness levels. Having a pre-pregnancy workout regime is a good way of ensuring that your chances of a healthy pregnancy are optimal. With the right exercises during your pregnancy, which are recommended by our skilled healthcare personnel at Apollo Cradle, you can increase your chances of a complication-free pregnancy.

The likelihood of pregnancy increases in direct proportion to the degree to which you are in the healthy range for BMI. Obese women may have a lower chance of conceiving. If they do conceive, the likelihood of their pregnancy being associated with complications is higher. At Apollo Cradle, we encourage a healthy lifestyle, thus ensuring that you remain healthy during preconception, pregnancy and delivery, with a low risk for you and your baby.

In addition to weight-related issues, there may be women with prior medical conditions that may affect the pregnancy or even the baby. Medical disorders such as certain heart conditions, diabetes or high blood pressure can increase the chances of having complications during pregnancy and delivery. While medications will help in controlling these problems, being in the best physical condition helps lower the risks during pregnancy and childbirth. Certain exercises such as yoga or swimming are useful to manage such conditions. Apollo Cradle offers you fitness experts, who have considerable experience in the field of pregnancy and antenatal care. Our experts will provide you with a customised exercise plan to suit your needs.

Even in women with no prior medical or physical issues, pregnancy places many demands on your body. To deal with these demands, you must exercise before pregnancy, so as to ensure that you are healthy before conception, during pregnancy and delivery. Certain pre-pregnancy exercises like walking or yoga will help prepare her for the stress that pregnancy and childbirth cause her body. Increasingly, women now also enrol in Lamaze and water aerobics as part of their pre-pregnancy workout plan to achieve the best outcomes.

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