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There might be other me-toos like the smell of rain soaked earth or that of a freshly printed book, but nothing can rival the fragrance of a newborn’s skin, or the innocent smile on the petal-pink lips, or the love that pours out as joyous tears from a mother’s eyes. For every parent, the moment is unique, unforgettable.

What can be more rewarding than crafting those precious moments?

Apollo Cradle was born as a clinical excellence program of Apollo Hospitals. Conceived not as a hospital but as a birthing centre that replicates the snugness and familiarity of a home, Apollo Cradle approaches childbirth from the standpoint of the would-be-mom. There are Fertility solutions for those who haven’t been able to conceive, Counselling for the worried ones, Pregnancy care and Training sessions for the lucky ones, maternity services for the new moms and Pediatric care for the newborns.

On offer are advanced antenatal, birthing, post-partum, neonatal and gynecology services from a premium, state-of-the-art ambience that spells warmth and comfort, delivered by a team that believes as much in empathy as in excellence. What also gives Apollo Cradle an unbeatable edge is the sheer confidence of Apollo Hospitals’ tertiary support at the distance of a phone call. To put it simply, Apollo Cradle is about making the life-altering nine months not only joyous as a result of the personalized care lavished on every mom-to-be, but worth all the doubts, the aches and the butterflies.

Natural Is Priceless – An Apollo Cradle Initiative to encourage natural childbirth

Our initiative Natural Is Priceless, is a testimony to our commitment of doing what is medically correct for every mother and every baby. We believe the method of delivery, whether natural or cesarean, should play no role in the cost to patient. We have therefore taken a One Price Pledge – no difference in cost of natural vs. C-section delivery. The cost indicated on our packages is what finally appears on your bill. No surprises, only a firm commitment.

Preggo – Holistic Antenatal Program

Our initiative Preggo is another step towards helping moms conceive naturally and recover faster. This program, designed by India’s leading antenatal experts, helps parents-to-be transition into confident & prepared parents. Encompassing mother, baby & family health Preggo services include – Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Yoga, Birth Education, Labor Preparation, Lactation Counselling, Family & Sibling Counselling and Daddy Boot Camps.

For team Apollo Cradle, delivering joy is not just a corporate credo. It is the reason to wake up with a smile, the motivation to innovate, the encouragement to stretch the wings of imagination and efforts that little bit more and the courage to do what’s medically right every single time.


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