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Why would one choose Vaginal Delivery over C-section? Many first time moms can opt for C-section delivery as that might seem to be an easier and less painful way of …..

New mother of two? Still in a state of bewilderment of your beloved ‘Get one free’ prizes? In addition to that, are you wondering how to manage your two darlings …..

Most nursing Mommies are accustomed to some of the fuss that their newborns baby can raise when fed on certain days. Some of these may be genuine baby moods or …..

Menstrual cycles are sometimes very painful and problematic for some women. Problems usually show up when a girl first reach puberty. Problems Related with Premenstrual Cycle or PMS Premenstrual periods …..

Breastfeeding means feeding a baby or child with the milk from a woman, usually a mother’s breast. According to WHO, exclusive breastfeeding, i.e., feeding of only mother’s milk and no …..

Who does not love babies? The answer is no one. Each and every one of us loves to hold these beautiful bundles of joy with chubby cheeks, round eyes, that …..

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