Handy Tips for The Working Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy can cause a lot of stress to a working womans life. All pregnant women want safe, healthy pregnancies and happy, perfect babies. A pregnant woman would require the right information and she needs to be sure that she is doing the best things for her baby’s health. Since the pressures at work can\'t be stalled, a lot of pregnant women continue work through the end of pregnancy.

She will have evaluate her work based on how many hours she works, and whether her job could harm her or her baby. Some jobs are risky during pregnancy, such as: heavy lifting, climbing, standing for a long time, and tasks that require balance.

Enlisted below are a few tips for pregnant working woman:

Eat three to five healthy meals a day, as well as nutritious snacks, like sliced raw vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, dals, sprouts, soya, milk and egg products. These foods are ideal for a pregnant working woman. She should get four servings of calcium spread out over each day. Folate and Omega 3 supplements in a dosage prescribed by her doctor can help keep her mental health stable as well as her physical health in check. They are also necessary for proper development of her baby.

Keep healthy snacks available at work. She could munch on popcorn, peanut butter and crackers, cheese, hardboiled eggs, and fruit through the day. Hunger or low blood sugar can cause nausea. Medication for morning sickness is available if the problem becomes serious, but there are safer and more natural remedies which may help her. She should keep herself well hydrated by sipping iced water, lemon juice or barley water.

Stay organized. She could keep a notepad handy and write reminders to herself at work and at home. She should list all doctor appointments and responsibilities at work on her calendar, which she should keep with her at home and work. She should stick to her schedule to avoid becoming over worked and excessively tired.

Drink lots of water throughout the day to hydrate herself. She should make sure that she gets enough vitamin C from fruits, juices, or supplements.

Get ten or eleven hours of sleep per night. Resting on either side will help good blood flow to her baby and will help prevent swelling.

Moderate exercise. She could go for a walk around her work place, which would help reduce the possibility of blood clots, varicose veins, and swelling of the feet and legs. Avoid heavy work and lifting, as well as heavy exercise. She should also remember to put her feet up at night.

Do not smoke and stay away from secondhand smoke. It is very harmful for her and the baby. Exposure to smoke can cause abortion, premature birth, low birth weight, and infant death.

Donate drink alcohol at all. There is no safe amount of alcohol that a woman can consume during pregnancy. It is ideal for a mother-to-be to stay away from it. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) causes severe retardation and birth defects for the baby, and it can be caused by even small amounts of alcohol.

Donate take any medications without the doctors approval. She should avoid any self medication even if they are available over the counter or herbal, unless it has been approved by her doctor, especially during the first two months of her pregnancy. The wrong kind of drug exposure may cause low birth weight, nervous system damage, and physical malformations of the baby such as - heart problems and cleft palate.

Take Breaks during work. She should make sure that she is scheduling a portion of time for relaxation and fun. Taking care of herself is the most important job as is taking care of her baby! This good practice and will prevent mommy burnout eventually when the baby arrives.

Our consultant gynecologist at The Cradle, Dr. Poornima Ramakrishna will be glad to share more inputs on the same. You can get in touch with her on 080 - 49397979.