Expectant daddy nine month roller coaster

The sudden news of pregnancy gives him a great sense of joy and also a sense of focus on the responsibility he is going to face.

This is the usual instinctive response of every father-to-be, but being the provider is not the only responsibility a man has to shoulder. He has much more active role to play.

There was a time when the father’s role was limited to just sitting in the waiting room pacing up and down. The New age fathers brace themselves for pre to post baby’s birth drama.

Worry And Neglect The Dad Faces

He is suddenly so worried about the finances, the budget, and living space adjustments. The mother suddenly gets all the attention and care, he feels ignored and neglected.

Tips For Dads, To Get Involved In The 9 month Journey: Pregnancy is a difficult and complicated process and involves changes in 3 issues:

A. Women Physically Change:

Rapid weight gain, feeling of continual exhaustion is some to name. These changes can lead to sexual intimacy difficulties, health imbalances, emotional and psychological issues.

B. Financial issues:

Expenses of frequent doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs and dietary supplements delivery charges to the future expenses like diapers, baby clothes, post natal expenses.


Prenatal and post natal depression is most difficult to handle. This contributes to a breakdown in the couple’s ability to communicate.

So the Father to Be Has to Gear up to Cope with These Hurdles

1. Attending the ante-natal classes with the mother –helps him to feel confident to know what to expect during labor and child birth.

2. Care for your wife- ensures that she has a good& healthy diet, & also plenty of rest. Help her in the household chores of cooking, cleaning, and mopping which eases her burden.

3. Visit the doctor with her: Ask questions; engage yourself in the conversation with the doctor. Hearing the heart beat together is great experience in itself!! The best music heard!!

4. Reading and sharing books on parenting and pregnancy-helps you both to discuss and plan your pregnancy.

5. Create a birth plan together- This helps to make decisions during delivery and labour when no complications arise.

6. Build an early rapport with the baby inside- baby can hear voices from 14 weeks. They develop a familiarity with your voice from the womb to the real world.

7. Communicate with your partner- It helps you relieve both your anxieties and reassure each other at all times.

8. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST- Enjoy your role as an expectant dad. It is not limited just pushing the pram!!! So a round of applause for the DAD’S TO BE!!!

Our consultant gynecologist at The Cradle, Dr. Meenakshi Kamath will be glad to share more inputs on the same. You can get in touch with her on 9845511051.