When Am I the Most Fertile?

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It is a wrong assumption that women can easily get pregnant at any time of the month. If you are planning to get pregnant it is very important to track your ovulation and increase sexual activity around that time of the month. This can increase the chances of conceiving.
Ovulation is the process in which the ovaries release eggs and it moves through the fallopian tubes. If the egg fuses with a male sperm within 12 to 24 hours, woman can conceive. This is how it works. Thus, it is very important to know the schedule of your menstrual cycle.

A Brief Concept on Ovulation Cycle:

Ovulation do not takes place the day period starts. The day your period starts is the cycle day one. This goes on for several weeks. In a general 28 day menstrual cycle, ovulation takes place on or around 14th cycle day. If there is no sperm present to fuse with the egg, the cycle restarts. Thus, knowing the cycle well and planning sexual activities can help achieve a successful pregnancy.

How to Know When are you Ovulating?

As ovulation does not occur at the same time every month, it might be difficult to track ovulation. There are certain symptoms that can help you identify your ovulation period. There are slight changes in your bodily functions that will help you recognize when you are ovulating. The symptoms can be an increased body temperature, higher sex drive, increased white discharge, periodic cramps in your lower abdomen.
These are certain changes in your body that will help you know that you are ovulating. Also, there are some kits available that help you track your ovulation by measuring your hormone levels from urine.

Will My Age Affect the Chances of Conceiving?

Age can highly affect ovulation. The women in their late 30’s and early 40’s can face some problems conceiving because of lower quality and quantity of eggs released by the ovaries. Fertility can start decreasing after the age of 35 for a woman. However, there can be several other issues for infertility which can be treated by various medications and procedures. The chances to conceive easily might be reduced after a certain age but it’s not impossible to conceive.