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Pediatricians are specialists who work with children, dealing with their physical, behavioural, and emotional health problems. They are trained to analyse and treat diseases of the youth, from minor medical issues to genuine sicknesses.

Children don’t come with a manual, and they don’t work on any other individual’s timetable. It’s what makes looking for a pediatrician a particularly essential assignment. Your pediatrician is the primary line of fortified care for your kid – from the initial days of their life to their youthful adulthood.

Questions to ask a Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatricians deal with your child in the early stages of childhood and stay with till the beginning of adulthood. From ear diseases and colic issues to class physicals and sports wounds, without excluding skin breakouts and contaminations from piercings, your pediatrician will maintain a steady presence in your kid’s life. This is the reason you should be carefully choosing your pediatric surgeon. The ideal approach to decide a suitable pediatrician is to plan everything and be prepared with the right questions. When meeting with a pediatrician, here are a couple of inquiries to consider:

1) When is the pediatrician available?

Pediatricians are available from 9am till 7pm

2) Are there any days of the week when the visiting hours may be extended?


3) Are there extra evening or Saturday hours?

Evening consultations are available till 7:00pm

4) How does the paediatrician’s office handle calls?

All the calls are routed through a centralised call centre 18605004424

5) Does the pediatrician acknowledge and answer questions by means of email?

Yes, patient can reach out to doctor through Apollo cradle App- Chat option by connecting with the care manager first. Download App

6) Could I see the doctor after hours?


7) Is the staff co-operative?

Staff at all Apollo units are very patient friendly and supportive. They will answer all your queries with patience if any.

8) How close is the facility to my home (for situations of emergency)?

Please check the locations available on Website

9) What is the normal standby time at the centre?

9am to 7pm

10) Where does the specialist have their clinics or offices located? Where do they admit patients in crisis?

Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospitals

11) Will the specialist (or another doctor in the training) see my new infant in the hospital?



How Does Your Paediatrician Respond?

A pediatrician will see your child from birth up to the age of 2 and once per year from the age of 2 to 5 for regular check-ups. After the age of 5, your pediatric surgeon will probably be treating your kid each year for annual check-ups. They’re ideally the main individual to call at whenever your kid is not well.


To deal with your child, your pediatrician will:

  • Conduct actual tests
  • Give your kid regular vaccinations
  • Make sure your child showcases achievements in development, conduct, and abilities
  • Diagnose and treat your child’s diseases, contaminations, wounds, and other medical conditions
  • Give you information on your kid’s well-being, security, nourishment, and wellness needs
  • Answer your inquiries regarding your little one’s development
  • Refer you to specialists if they think your child needs utmost care
  • They have exceptionally trained in looking after a kids’ wellbeing.
  • They specialise in kids’ health during their training and have good experience with perceiving and treating child sicknesses.

If your kid was conceived early or has a medical issue that requires close observation, a pediatrician will offer expert care.