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Sai Sumana – Apollo Cradle Kondapur

My experience at Apollo Cradle:

It all started in the month of April 2021 during the second wave of COVID in Hyderabad. I was worried how will I able to manage my pregnancy. I went on to google, practo and checked with my friends on which Gynic doctor will be able to help me. I found Dr. Sudha Madhuri from practo and read reviews and saw she took utmost care of treating mothers during this COVID times. So I made a decision to visit Dr. Sudha Madhuri and it turned out to be one of the best decision. She works at Apollo Cradle, Kondapur. She is the best doctor can one have, she is very soft spoken, informative and very attentive to what you convey and suggest the tips. Coming to Apollo Cradle experience, During the first visit they allowed only the mother inside the hospital and during the consultation they allowed attendant to follow. The only drawback was despite of prior appointment there is waiting time. But I recommend Cradle as they take utmost care during the COVID time for the patients. During my second visit I had an initial scan with Dr. Amita Indrasen which my gynic referred and she is a sweet and informative person who made me feel comfortable during the scanning process.

Apollo Care Experience: I was told about the Apollo Cradle birthing packages by the care manager Minal and he clearly informed the package details and spoke humbly while explaining details. He was good at responding over WhatsApp and give prompt responses.

The D-Day Experience: As this is my first baby, we were prepared with all necessary things. But to our surprise I was in labor during the midnight, we reached out to Dr. Sudha Madhuri around 4 AM and she picked the call and asked us to go to ER. Thanks to her for prompt response and we quickly moved to ER and they monitored situation for nearly 5 hours and finally I delivered a precious little baby angel. The room was ready and all the amenities were provided as discussed during the birthing package. Thanks to Priyanka care manager who followed up regularly to make sure that we have everything needed. I truly appreciate her taking work very seriously, she is really a great asset to the Cradle care team. Thanks to all nurses and staff for their utmost patience in helping me in my post delivery experience. They are really a great team, they were attentive 24 hours and made me feel comfortable and answered my questions patiently. Lastly, I would love to thanks security and house keeping staff for keeping my stay at Apollo Cradle warm and safe.

Thanks to everyone at Apollo Cradle for making my delivery experience so positive and happy.