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Mrs. Mithali - Kondapur, Hyderabad

A friend of mine recommended Apollo Cradle to me. Since it is a famous facility, I visited Apollo Cradle in Kukatpally for my delivery. My doctor was good and gave me the best treatment. The nurses, the hospital staff, everyone were really helpful. The ambulance service that the hospital offers is literally one of the best. They are quick, efficiently, drive carefully and the interior is very clean. I have no doubt that choosing Apollo Cradle greatly contributed to this outcome

Mrs. Ruchita Shah - Pune

Right from when I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified of having to give birth but Apollo made it so easy. Dr Asmita Potdar handled our complicated case with diligent competence and made the stressful experience for me and my family a better one. Both me and the child are in the best of health, thanks to Dr Asmita

Dr Asmita

Mrs. Vrashali Patil - Pune

I was under observation in the Apollo Cradle, Pune. I was a bit sceptic at the beginning, but Dr Meenakshi Yelwantge, along with the entire staff of the Cradle made my time fly by. They explained the different choices, helping me make informed decisions without trying to steer me in one direction or the other. They were empathetic toward me and handled every aspect with utmost care. Thank you

Dr Meenakshi Yelwantge

Mrs. Mayura Kodre - Pune

I loved Apollo Cradle. I was admitted to the Apollo Cradle under the care of Dr Meeta Nakhare. He explained all the needed information with patience. The expertise of the team of Apollo Cradle is commendable. We will be recommending it to all of our friends!

Dr Meeta Nakhare

Mrs. Rachana Tiwari - Pune

Of course, having a baby is an amazing experience, but Apollo Cradle made it mind-blowing. I was admitted to the Apollo Cradle for my delivery under the care of Dr Minakshi Yelvantage. I had a pleasant experience during my stay. Though my stay was in a sharing room, top-notch privacy was maintained that it felt as much a secluded room as one can be. The process was efficient and smooth

Dr Minakshi Yelvantage

Mrs.Snehal Ganjale - Pune

I was operated under the supervision of Dr Nilofer Shaikh. The PRO explained the details of my procedure very carefully and entertained all my questioning. All the related facilities were of the greatest quality as well. Dr Shaikh and her team were knowledgeable and efficient alike. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to create a personalized treatment.

Dr Nilofer Shaikh

Mrs.Rashmi Prabhudesai - Pune

I was admitted to the Apollo Cradle in the neonatal intensive care unit as a result of my premature delivery. It was a tough time for me and my family, but Dr Sumant Patil handled our case with effortless ease. Not just him, but his staff was equally responsive as well. Thanks to team Apollo Cradle for the best care.

Dr Sumant Patil

Mrs. Vasantha Satalluri - Pune

I am pleased to say that my experience with Apollo Cradle was a delightfully positive one. Dr Nilofer Shaikh is really kind and helpful. The staff was empathetic and attentive to my needs. The room itself was amazing encompassing all necessities. There is no reason not to go there. I will definitely recommend Apollo Cradle to my friends and family members. Thank you, Apollo Cradle

Dr Nilofer Shaikh

Mrs.Nirmiti Dhurve - Pune

I was admitted in the gynaecology and obstetrics department of the Apollo Cradle. I would like to say that I’m highly impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment exhibited by the doctors and nurses of the hospital. The entire staff was very supportive. The room too was clean, hygienic and comprising of all amenities. Dr Santosh Sidid was really helpful too.

Dr Santosh

Mrs. Snehal Fand - Pune

I am really glad that I chose Apollo Cradle as it was an amazing experience. I was treated under the care of Dr Asmita Potdar. The staff made me feel at ease and made my stay very comfortable.

Dr Asmita Potdar

Mrs.Vandna Dhyani - Pune

I had no idea what to expect in the hospital, but Apollo Cradle made it really easy. My entire experience was a very positive one. Every aspect of the medical institution was of top quality – be it the administrative staff, or the nurse's cooperation to all my needs, or the doctors themselves, who are educated, skilled and friendly all at once.

Mrs. Sultana Sarkar - Pune

I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle under the care of Dr Nilofer Shaikh. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the doctor and the equally attentive team for performing a painless delivery. Childbirth can be a stressful time, but the team of Apollo helped me through it exceptionally. Thank you so much for making it so relaxed and for doing everything in a way that was not overwhelming at all. 

Dr Nilofer Shaikh

Mrs.Suvarna Suryawanshi - Pune

Apollo Cradle is highly recommended when it comes to a trustworthy healthcare facility. I was admitted under the care of Dr Asmita Potdar. Dr Asmita and her team did a commendable job and I am grateful of not just her, but the entire staff of Apollo for their tireless services. The technical aspects were up to the mark as well. The atmosphere is warm and really positive.

Dr Asmita Potdar

Mrs.Sheetal Shinde - Pune

I just want to say that I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was explained the packages in detail for better understanding and I felt that I was attended very well here. I would surely recommend Apollo Cradle to my friends and family. The brilliant staff of Apollo makes it what it is. Thank you for everything.

Mrs. Vandana - Nehru Place, New Delhi

I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle. Under the supervision of Dr Vishakha Munjal, the whole process went smoothly. The whole team is pretty efficient and caring and made sure that my new job of being a Mommy was less painful. I am thankful to the entire staff. You will always be part of that treasured memory.

Dr Vishakha Munjal

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