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Whether you are planning a pregnancy, or on your way towards a delivery, weight gain is a thought that grabs your attention often. If you are starting out with those …..

The importance of dental hygiene during pregnancy is often not stressed enough. The fact is, infections that start in the mouth can soon spread to other parts of the body. …..

Natural childbirth is considered the most preferred type of childbirth since it involves minimal to no medical intervention. Nature knows best where biological processes are involved and medical intervention should …..

A gynaecologist by profession, Dr. Asmita Potdar, Apollo Cradle, Pune, shares a few tips for pregnant women on how to stay hydrated and relax in this summer heat with Life …..

First pregnancy? Want to choose natural birth but fear keeps getting in the way? How about giving fear some reasons to stay away. After all, natural birth is the healthier …..

Immunisation is one of the most important and beneficial advances made by medical science during the 20th century, especially in the field of paediatrics, and is responsible for saving thousands …..

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