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Before your little one arrives, a great deal of preparation needs to be done, and choosing the right Paediatrician is one of the things you need to do. A Paediatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in the physical, behavioural and mental health of children right from birth till the age of 16. Paediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood-related illnesses and are thus, crucial to your little one’s health care.

While a regular physician can provide regular health care and treatment, the needs and requirements of a child are often specialised. Therefore, it is essential that your young one is given specialised care and services that are specifically dedicated paediatric services. Our paediatricians at Apollo Cradle have specialised training in the fields of physical, emotional and behavioural needs of children. We also train our paediatricians to recognise and treat childhood illnesses and infectious diseases which regular medical care professionals may not be able to treat. In an event where your child needs specialised paediatric care due to a premature birth or any other health condition in the period just after birth, our qualified Neonatologists are well equipped to monitor and offer even more specialised care.

Paediatrician ServicesThe healthcare needs and requirements of a child differ widely from that of an adult. Right from the time your child is born, till the age of 18, your child may require specialised care. Apollo Cradle comprises of a team of highly specialised medical professionals who are experienced in taking care of chronic disease management, acute illnesses, injury, mental or behavioural disorders and rehabilitation, offering your child a wide range of outpatient services. We have considerable experience in dealing with and treating young patients and have the required skills to treat childhood illnesses and diseases. Our paediatric outpatient clinic also extends specialised care to premature babies and newborns who need special care because of health conditions that require close monitoring.

Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU)It is not unusual for children to fall sick or even get injured during their childhood. During this time, your child requires specialised management to treat their disorder and aid in their recovery. Our paediatric urgent care centre is designed to provide sick, injured or recovering children with the highest level of medical care. Through this facility, your child will have complete access to intensive nursing care and continuous monitoring, which is crucial to their health and recovery. Parents are provided with accommodation nearby and psychological support, should they require it.

With a skilled medical staff and advanced equipment at Apollo Cradle, your child will experience dedicated treatment, care and comfort that will ensure a speedy recovery. Our skilled team of healthcare professionals is well experienced in caring for children suffering from acute and critical illness or injury. They possess the necessary skill sets to assess acute conditions quickly and treat your child, thus providing the best outcome possible.

Equipped with advanced technology, the paediatric intensive care at Apollo Cradle is well designed not only to improve the chances of survival but also speed up the recovery process. With the best and innovative medical equipment, we also aim to relieve pain and suffering in the most caring and respectful manner.

In addition to the treatment that is being received, the unfamiliar environment can be stressful for your child. Escalating stress levels can hamper the treatment your child is receiving, which in turn, can affect their recovery. At Apollo Cradle, our intensive care services are designed to provide a non-threatening environment that will ensure that your child feels completely safe.

Child Immunization ShotsRight from the time of birth, till the age of 12, your child will be vulnerable to a host of diseases, viruses, and bacteria. At such a tender age, the body of your child may not have the required immune system to protect them from these communicable diseases. In an event, where your child may contract a disease or virus, the consequences may be dire. Certain diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and HVP still exist today, and can still be easily be transmitted from one individual to another. In many parts of the world vaccine- preventable diseases are still common, and there is every chance of your child contracting them.

To prevent such an occurrence, the ideal solution is to protect your child through vaccination. Vaccinations ensure that your child is immune to certain communicable diseases, thus preventing them from contracting it or even suffering from the effects of it. In the occasion where they come into contact with an infected individual, the vaccinated child will not be affected by the serious effects or complications.

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Paediatrics Frequently Asked Questions

Providing age-specific immunizations, Diagnosing and treating your child’s illnesses, infections, injuries or any other health problems. Discussing with you any queries related to your child’s growth and development. Providing you with advice about the diet needed for healthy growth.

Our pediatricians at Apollo Cradle have specialized training in the fields of physical, emotional and behavioral needs of children

After the first year, healthy children, without ongoing conditions or other health ailments, can typically graduate to once or twice a year. However, this depends on the child’s health condition.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a cause of major concern for parents and medical professionals alike. Necessary precautions must be taken; in order to lower many of the risks.

Hepatitis B vaccine is given soon after the birth; the next dose is given after a month.

At Apollo Cradle, our outpatient services are designed to provide you and your child with the ultimate care and convenience, all under one roof. You can be reassured that your child need not undergo a hospital stay if the condition can be treated as an outpatient.

At Apollo Cradle PICU is equipped with advanced technology, the PICU (Pediatric intensive care unit) at Apollo Cradle is well designed not only to improve the chances of survival but also speed up the recovery process.

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The needs and requirements of a child are often specific and requires keen observation. Therefore, it is essential that your little one is offered a specialized care and services that are particularly dedicated paediatric services.

At Apollo Cradle our paediatricians have specialized training in the fields of physical, emotional and behavioural needs of children. Our paediatricians helps in recognizing and treating childhood illnesses and infectious diseases which regular medical care professionals may not be able to treat. We have a team of our qualified Neonatologists who are well equipped to monitor and offer even more specialized care.

At Apollo Cradle, we have well-experienced paediatricians who can provide the quality medical care and treatment needed, to ensure that all the milestones in your little one’s growth are met and maintained. From age two onwards till at least the age of twelve, you will need to visit your Paediatrician for annual check-ups and child visits.