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Apollo Cradle Kondapur

Smita kumari
Smita kumari
09:33 26 Dec 18
Great experience with Apollo Cradle. Dr. Rolika and staff were very helpful. Also would like to mention Dr. Vinoda, the lactation consultant, who was exceptional with all her sessions and advice. Highly recommended.
Sanjib Das
Sanjib Das
09:59 10 Nov 18
I must say the best hospital experience I have ever had. Took service for maternity related. The doctors, staffs, conditions, services, the hygiene top class. Extremely satisfied. Well done!
VenuMadhav V
VenuMadhav V
03:44 06 Oct 18
Bathrooms are pathetic... When asked for hand napkins (/tissues) to placed in bathrooms, they had placed toilet tissues... Restaurant is bad... Hospital what can one expect!? But then, why charge so much then!? 5 star expensive with 2 star services. Best is this... At the reception, they have this feedback box which is open. When asked, they say, "feedback goes to the management.. do not worry Sir". I truly wonder!! Came 2 weeks later for family members tests n conditions are still the same. Saaaad it is!!
Vidyadhar Challa
Vidyadhar Challa
15:59 05 Oct 18
I visited hospital with a minor injury on my foot. After taking x-ray it is identified as a partial fracture that can be healed with latest technologies available in the market. But Orthopedic doctor has started curing with old way of healing (fiber caste plaster) and that took too many wraps around my leg tightly with no minimum air circulation and take too wrapped it in wrong angle which has created lots of discomfort. Finally I got bill of that is unusually 3 times more than other hospitals. I could not sustain the burning sensation and I have to get remove the air caste bandage within 3 days by visiting another hospital. The doctor was shocked seeing the bandage and tried to understand who the great doctor wrapped unnecessarily to many times. I was so lucky to get bandage removed immediately where the ulcer was about to start if I delay by a week. The new doctor prescribe the latest technology where I am feeling very comfortable in walking few steps without any support. This is not my first experience with this hospital in recent times. I faced same problem with my kid where improper treatment given and I have to hospitalize my kid for 4 days in another hospital. I warn people to avoid going to Apollo as this hospital is no longer the same reputed hospital as I know 10 years back. This hospital not only loot your money but also not giving the right treatment. So beware.
anik bansal
anik bansal
12:15 25 Aug 18
This hospital should be shut down. They are looting people thinking that customers don't know anything and they are illiterate. Doctors are careless, do not reach on time and mislead customers via providing half information on prescription. And don't right patient problems on prescription. Some lady manager was so rude when we approached her and hospital staff is arrogant. It is better to avoid this branded hospital and choose some small clinic where you will be fully satisfied and doctors and staff won't judge you. Please don't go with positive reviews for this hospital. Because people who write good about them are either don't know much about the problem statements or they are just fine as it is.
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Nestled in the heart of Hyderabad, Apollo Cradle Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad, Kondapur is our second facility in Hyderabad. Carefully built to suit the needs of Women & Children, Apollo Cradle Kondapur facility is designed to ensure patient delight.

Maternity Service

  • Birthing Packages: At Apollo Cradle we are always devising new ways to make these moments special and memorable/ we offer you a selection of birthing packages to make your stay with a memorable one.
  • Labour Delivery Suites: At Apollo Cradle, the LDR suite provides a home-like ambience and acts as an integrated labour, delivery and recovery facility, no longer requiring the mother to be moved to the delivery rooms or pre/post-operative recovery bay. You can select your favourite music to create the ambience for a calm birthing experience.
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound Unit: With its uncompromising stance on quality Apollo Cradle has state-of-the-art 4D & 5D ultrasound imaging systems. This ensures detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis of foetal development
  • Antenatal Classes: Apollo Cradle’s antenatal program is designed by experts to help would-be-mothers be ready to give birth with confidence. The program is a unique combination of fitness, nutrition & parent education. Individual workshops have been designed to suit the needs of would-be-parents & new parents.
  • Emergency Care: Apollo Cradle emergency ensures you and your baby are in safe hands
    • Neonatal ICU: Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your baby. The Level III NICU at Apollo Cradle is an ultramodern facility. Level III NICUs care for babies born less than 32 weeks and with critical illness. Fully equipped to handle premature babies, low birth weight babies and babies who require specialized medical care. A baby in NICU is under the care of a neonatologist and qualified trained Resident Paediatric doctors manage the babies round the clock. Qualified trained nurses and other professional support staff care for the baby at all times.
    • Medical ICU: For the very rare occasion where a mother’s condition requires temporary intensive care, she is stabilized in Apollo Cradle’s MICU before she is transferred to the nearest Apollo Hospital where she can be cared for in an ICU.
  • Counselling Services: Nine month of pregnancy can be a strenuous time, our expert counselors help would-be-parents and their families be birth ready.
  • Stem Cell Banking: Cord blood stem cells hold the power to cure over 80 diseases and the research is going on for many other diseases. Apollo Cradle provides would-be-parents the support to help bank their bundle of joy’s stem cells.

Gynaecology Service

  • Procedures: At Apollo Cradle, over 206 consultants help us deliver comprehensive world class healthcare services to women of all age groups. Apollo Cradle depends on most advance clinical infrastructure to achieve sustainable clinical success. Our state-of-the-art Operation Theatres support minimally invasive surgeries, which results in shorter hospitalization & recovery times.
  • Women’s health checks: There are many health concerns that women have, from concerns about the risks of developing cancer, to issues with weight gain. Keeping in mind that every age group has its own set of health issues, Apollo Cradle offers customized health check-ups for women of every age.
  • Specialty Clinics: As the name suggests, every Wednesday, a specialist team dedicates time to address specific problems of women’s health.
  • Cancer Evaluation: Screening tests are a vital part of health care. They can pick up it in earliest stages, long before any symptoms develop.
  • Vaccinations: Preventive immunization is one of the best gifts for adults & children designed by experts.

Paediatric Services

  • OP Consultation & Treatments: Making sure your bundle of joy leads a healthy life is our top priority. Apollo Cradle paediatric team is available round the clock to attend to your baby to treat conditions like cold, fever, cuts etc. are treated in our outpatient. Our custom designed play areas huge hit with the little ones.
  • New-born Screening: Early diagnosis can make the difference between lifelong impairment and healthy development. Apollo Cradle’s new-born screening tests reveal inherent/inherited disorders – metabolic, blood, hormonal – that can prove to be potentially fatal for new-borns
  • Immunization : Apollo Cradle vaccination schedule has been designed to ensure your baby is immune from a wide range of diseases.

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