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WELCOME PARENTHOOD THE SECOND TIME, WHEN YOU THINK IT’S TIME The ease of conceiving in the future at a time of choice with the sperm/egg quality of the present. FREEZE TODAY. COMPLETE YOUR FAMILY WHEN YOU FEEL READY. Gamete/embryo freezing is a revolutionary and reliable method to plan your second child when you feel it’s the right time. Here are the reasons you should consider freezing:
  • Stops the biological clock: Eggs/sperm stay the age at which they were frozen so the conception in future becomes easy.
  • No pressure: Stay stress-free to raise a healthy and happy family when ready.
  • Better planning: Get the right gap between pregnancies and focus on health.
  • Health concerns: Reduce the impact on fertility in case of a serious illness.
PROCESS: Storage of gametes or embryo can be done through ART in which a woman is stimulated for producing more than one oocyte either for oocyte or embryo freezing for the future use. For embryo freezing the retrieved oocytes are injected with husband sperm and the resultant embryos are stored. STEPS involved in storage of gametes/embryos
Now 4 Future
Stimulation Semen Collection
Ovum Pick-up Sperm Preparation
Embryo Culture  
Embryo Freezing  
ADVANTAGE: Now 4 Future is designed to protect the quality of gametes/ embryos as Early as possible. Quality of gametes decreases with increasing age. Advanced maternal and paternal age leads to infertility by one or the other manner that includes even frequent miscarriages. For the couple who are willing to postpone their pregnancy can get their Embryos frozen at younger age and can be utilized by FET in future. Embryos can be stored up to 20years without any quality degradation. WHO CAN BE RECOMMENDED?
  • Planning to postpone Second Pregnancy
  • Chances of getting Secondary Infertility
  • Have had the first child through IVF
  • Genetic Issues with First Child
  • Known Genetic Disease in Family
  • Diagnosed as a Carrier
  • Progressing Medical Condition that affects pregnancy
  • Ovum Aspiration
  • ICSI
  • Freezing
  • Maintenance for 5 Yrs
Easy EMI options available Stimulation Drugs/Fertility medicines on actual as advised by clinician
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