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MTP, which stands for Medical Termination of Pregnancy, is a procedure of terminating pregnancy using medicines. In the early stages of pregnancy (7-9 weeks), it can be terminated with the help of medicine, otherwise, the surgical process is needed. If the length of pregnancy is not exceeded 20 weeks then, medical termination of pregnancy is legal in India. Legally, only the consent of a major pregnant woman is needed in terminating the pregnancy and no other person’s consent needs to be obtained.

How is Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Performed?

MTP is performed by experienced professionals and gynaecologist because even if the procedure is minor, the risk involved is high. It is important to visit a gynaecologist because there can be numerous complications regarding the abortion and before proceeding further one needs to check all the risk associated with medical termination of pregnancy. The gynaecologist will first carry out the pregnancy test. This test confirms the period of pregnancy. USG in pregnancy, an ultrasound exam to check the age of the pregnancy and to confirm whether the pregnancy is not outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy) and also not a tumour that developed in the uterus (molar pregnancy). You will also be checked for anaemia, any sexually transmitted diseases and condition of health. Here in Apollo Cradle, we give you the chance to discuss your doubts with our expert counsellor before taking the final decision.

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If the MTP has to be done by the non-surgical process then doctors usually recommend a pill named- Mifepristone (Mifeprex). This pill can be given either by injection or orally. In order to prevent infection, Antibiotics are also given. The mifepristone obstructs progesterone and its shortage affects the uterine lining. This fall in progesterone prevents the pregnancy to grow further. This process causes contractions and expels the fetus and it may take a few hours or days. A week later, a medical examination is also conducted to confirm the complete termination of pregnancy and check for any complications.

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Recovery and After-Treatment

Medical termination of pregnancy is a lengthy process, compared to surgical abortion. It depends from person to person and on the age of pregnancy that what time it will be needed for the recovery of the patient. The patient can experience heavy bleeding for a week, depending on the number of weeks of the pregnancy. Severe abdominal or back pain with cramps, fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge etc. are also the after the result of medical termination of pregnancy. Sometimes it took longer than a month to return on daily activity. You also need to visit the doctor to make sure that your healing process is going correct and to confirm that the pregnancy is completely aborted.

Who Should Choose the Medical Termination of Pregnancy?

Women who have conceived accidentally or to complete an early miscarriage or if their medical condition is such that continuing a pregnancy is life-threatening then, MTP can be selected. Also, women who are in the early stages of their pregnancy and do not wish to go through surgery or anaesthesia can choose MTP if they are not suffering from any complications and gynaecologist allowed them to proceed. Termination of pregnancy is highly personal but in India government has also made an act to regulate the abortion. This act is ‘The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971’ which should be considered sometimes.

Who Should Not Choose the MTP?

Women must not think about getting a medical abortion if they can relate to one of the following:

  • If the period of pregnancy exceeds more than 9 weeks then, one should avoid going for a medical abortion
  • If an intrauterine device (IUD) is being used
  • If a woman is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy
  • Have certain medical conditions which restrain them to get an abortion from medicine
  • If they have bleeding disorders
  • Heart or blood vessel complications
  • An uncontrolled seizure disorder
  • Have ovarian mass or anaemia
  • Allergy to the medications involved


Advantages and Benefits of MTP

  1. Termination of pregnancy through medicine is an effective and safe method for very early pregnancies.
  2. It avoids the usage of anaesthesia, surgeries or vacuum aspiration unless it fails.
  3. It is done in more secrecy and has privacy.
  4. The procedure is non-invasive.

Disadvantages / Side-Effects of MTP

  1. Excessive bleeding is a must when it comes to medical abortion.
  2. Signs of nausea, vomiting, fever and chills are also common.
  3. Infection and inflammatory disorder in the pelvic area.
  4. The occurrence of a blood clot in the uterus is also observed in most of the cases.
  5. In 8%-10% of cases, the additional surgical procedure is needed to terminate the pregnancy completely.
  6. In some cases, the cervix is also found to be torn or cut.
  7. The failure rate is higher than with surgical abortion

Non-medical / Surgical Abortion

If a woman wants an abortion in the later weeks of the pregnancy, then she has to go for surgical termination of pregnancy. The option of abortion by surgery presents in the early as well as in the later stages of the pregnancy.

Surgical methods of abortion, usually involve a suction evacuation or a dilatation and curettage (D & C), also known as a dilatation and evacuation. The surgery takes usually very less time, and its side effects are comparatively low than medical abortion.

As told earlier, even if the medical termination is a minor procedure, it involves high risks. Not only it involves physical pain, but it also strains a person mentally. To get the proper results, responsible counselling is needed from the professionals. Here at Apollo Cradle Nehru Place, we have the best team of specialist doctors and counsellors who have years of experience in handling these cases. Our team is capable of guiding you in the right direction with the most suitable treatment for you.

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