A New World. A New Beginning.

Precious Neonatal Period

After a child is born, the first 30 days are exhausting and yet magical. Everything a child does is a first. From the first cry to having the first feed, to the first bath. The mother too is learning hands on, while she understands how to hold her baby and soothe her/him when s/he cries.

For the Mother
"Nine months of pregnancy and the seemingly countless hours of labor bring you the little bundle of joy, now swaddled next to you. And this is only just the beginning. The first four weeks of the child's growth is crucial and therefore parents are expected to take extra precautions during this time. The mother will need some rest & respite from the pregnancy and labor, but the little one might not be in any mood to provide any."

Breastfeeding the child is the key to strengthening a baby’s immunity and providing him/her with all the nutrition and hydration they need. Unless there is some health issue, the longer a child is fed with mother’s milk, the better his/her growth.

It is a special experience also because the eternal mother-child bond is established during this period. Through these weeks, it is important to keep the little one snug and clean, as s/he is vulnerable to infections, coughs and colds, and the other vagaries of nature. The gentle touch of a mother and a warm cuddle while you breastfeed, is the best way to keep up their body temperature and make the child feel secure.

For the Baby
"The baby is finally out into the world and it can be a daunting new place for the little one. There will be sleepless nights, tantrums, wild crying and of course some rare moments of calm. The baby will also come across a plethora of visitors, a myriad number of uncles, aunts and cousins. Though these are bonds of love and affection, the exposure to too many people at once can also pose a risk of infection to the baby, and therefore it is vital to regulate access to the baby and keep the surroundings clean."

Services Available at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital for the Neonatal Period

● Regular Baby Check-ups
● Vaccinations
● 24/7 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit