Mamma Knows Best

Innocent Infancy

As the child turns into a toddler, progresses to a partial liquid diet and tries to crawl, being a watchful yet mindful parent is the key. The slow dance of protecting while letting go, trusting a child’s instincts yet being aware, begins.

For the Mother
"Pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal phase - you've weathered it all and now you can watch your little one grow into a beautiful, healthy baby. The baby will begin to roll its head, try to lift its head, crawl to you and ask to be picked up. You will look at the silly smiles and feel a lump in your throat, as you wait to hear him or her call you 'mamma' for the very first time."

This is an exciting time, as the child is grasping the universe around him/her - the relationship and bond with grandparents, seeing the world in fascinating colours, a sense of taste, touch, smell and sound. Parents should make the most of this phase, because this is probably the only time when a child happily allows them to decide for him/her.

A mom has the liberty to decide what her baby must wear, eat and even what time s/he must sleep. This is also a time for the crucial vaccinations that must be taken as per schedule. Simple, regular check-ups with the pediatrician are all that’s needed to take care of the basics.

For the Baby
"A whole new world and you've spent a month in here, it's now time to get exploring with new kinds of food, fashion and friends. The baby will embark on a series of firsts - from the first crawl to first walk to first talk and first of everything. The baby will also get ready to taste solid food for the first time, and you can take the first ones towards weaning him/her away from breast milk."

Services Available at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital for the Infancy Period

● Developmental Checks
● Vaccinations
● Weaning Advice