My World Grows With Me

Tender Toddlerhood

While the pregnancy was spent in imagining and visualising how your baby is going to be, the 24 months after the baby is born are spent in complete awe watching him/her grow. The joy of hearing the first words by a baby are going to be remembered for years to come. This is also a time for the dreaded teething troubles, while your baby gets the first few teeth. With the help of your trusted pediatrician, you can make this experience as painless as possible.

For the Mother
"The little one you held in your arms a year ago is no longer as little. In fact, s/he’s growing rapidly, so having accomplished several firsts during the infancy phase, the child is now well into toddlerhood. The child will begin to grow both physically and mentally; social skills, basic intelligence and fine motor skills are all part of the child's growth curve. Watch out for any abnormalities and keep the pediatrician in the loop."

As your little one is turning two, with the help of your pediatrician, you can nurture your toddler to grow into a healthy child. Your baby is learning to talk in full sentences, express what s/he is feeling and can walk by himself/herself. The first steps towards independence are laid here

For the Baby
"The baby begins to recognize people and identify likes & dislikes. Language skills develop and so do fine motor skills. There is a definite eating and sleeping pattern that's emerging, and broken words begin to fall into place as sentences. The attaining and completion of toddlerhood is a major milestone for the child. "

Services Available at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital for the toddlerhood

● Nutritionists
● Developmental Checks
● Vaccinations