Science says that the pregnancy and the early parenting phase, especially the first 3 years, are vital in ensuring a child's long-term health and wellness, while setting the stage for all future growth and changes. This is the time when the child's brain development, physical growth and immunity power evolve and progress rapidly, which makes it important to give your little one the best care and nurturing possible during this time.

Comprehensive & Specialized Care for the Mother & Child at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital.

A child’s birth is a miracle every single time. And it is beautiful and reassuring when babies are born in an atmosphere of 360-degree care and excellence. This is what Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital brings to every parent and child.

Carrying 37 years of the Apollo legacy forward, we have gathered first-hand knowledge on the significance of the momhood journey. Following the mantra of “The better the care, the safer the patients”, has ensured that we have an impeccable safety record over the years, with this learning. Through this, we have conceptualized a Blissful Pregnancy & Joyful Parenthood program to spread awareness and assist mothers-to-be in bringing up a generation of healthy children.

Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital is with you through every moment ...

Millions of moments and endless learnings

That pretty much summarises the journey towards momhood. There’s so much to learn, so many habits to unlearn, and a new person to be welcomed and understood while giving him/her all the love. From giving in to cravings to singing lullabies to decoding baby talk…. the first 3 years of your little one are overflowing with activities! But that's not all.

Both physically and mentally, this is a phase of change for mother and child. At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we are by your side as you experience this unknown yet exciting phase, with the most compassionate care possible.

The Pregnancy Phase - BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals

The Pregnancy Phase

Those 9 months when you have fallen in love with someone you are still to see. From the moment your child is conceived to realizing you are pregnant, and to finally being ready to deliver the little bundle of joy!

The Delivery Phase - BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals

The Delivery Phase

After the long waiting and the overwhelming hours of labor, comes the moment of holding that pure, unconditional love in your arms! The sleepless nights and nappy changes begin NOW.

Growing Phase of Baby at Rainbow Hospitals

The Growing Phase

As your infant turns into a toddler who can crawl, speak words and finally walk without support, each day is filled with wonder, awe and the occasional hiccups.

With You in Every Moment of your pregnancy and momhood

At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, unparalleled expertise in birthing services, complete multidimensional child care and advanced technology come under one roof. As parents, you can rest assured that your little one will have the best start to his or her life.

The First Trimester | 1 to 80 Days


The First Trimester

Every mother-to-be who conceives for the first time, feels a roller coaster of emotions. From this point on, she will always be a mother first. All the other roles she plays are put on the backseat.

Let's Grow Together ...

The Second Trimester

The second trimester is when the baby begins to grow in earnest, with vital organs like the heart and the brain beginning to take shape. You can now begin to feel the little one inside you, oftentimes kicking.

The Second Trimester | 81 to 193 Days

The Wait Is Over. Almost …

The Third Trimester

You've been pregnant for six months and your baby has been growing within you for the same period of time. You wish the little one would arrive sooner or time would fly faster, but there's a whole trimester to go!

Welcome to this World, My Love ...

The Delivery | D-Day

Planet Earth welcomes your baby, and your family is now filled with more love and excitement than you had imagined. For every woman, the experience of childbirth is life-altering, and she deserves to ...

The Delivery Day - BirthRight Hospital
Precious Neonatal Period | 0 to 1 Month

A New World. A New Beginning.

Precious Neonatal Period

After a child is born, the first 30 days are exhausting and yet magical. Everything a child does is a first. From the first cry to having the first feed, to the first bath. The mother too is learning hands on ...

Mamma Knows Best

Innocent Infancy

As the child turns into a toddler, progresses to a partial liquid diet and tries to crawl, being a watchful yet mindful parent is the key. The slow dance of protecting while letting go, trusting a child’s instincts yet being aware, begins.

Fascinating Infancy | 2 to 9 Months
Tender Toddlerhood | 1 to 2 Years

My World Grows With Me

Tender Toddlerhood

While the pregnancy was spent in imagining and visualising how your baby is going to be, the 24 months after the baby is born are spent in complete awe watching him/her grow. The joy of hearing the first words ...

The first 36 months - They are the most important days of your child's conception, and growth. They comprise a thousand days of care, but actually mean a lifetime of good health and happiness."

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At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we share your joy of parenthood, and understand that from the moment you find out you are pregnant your life is transformed. We recognize that childbirth is one of life's major events, sometimes complicated, but mostly a natural process involving intense emotions and physical experiences; an event which profoundly changes people's lives, and which can, and should be, very fulfilling for both the mother and father.


    Providing the best pregnancy care for a wide range of complex pregnancy and fetus related complications.


    Providing advanced pain-relief by epidural analgesia and other unique methods for painless and safe delivery.


    Providing exceptional care and expert handling of high-risk pregnancies, by multi-disciplinary delivery teams.


    Providing comprehensive gynecology care and services, for the complete spectrum of women health services.


    Providing newborn babies the best and most advanced treatment for complex neonatal problems and emergencies.


    Providing the most updated and result-oriented fertility treatments, and helping couples conceive using IVF, ICSI.


    Pediatricians are not mere doctors – they are trusted partners in your child’s health. Your child’s good health, well-being and happiness are our priority. Find a home away from home and a family in the care we shower at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital.


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