Welcome to this World, My Love ...

The Delivery | D-Day

Planet Earth welcomes your baby, and your family is now filled with more love and excitement than you had imagined. For every woman, the experience of childbirth is life-altering, and she deserves to be surrounded by all the affection, care and expertise possible.

For the Mother
Childbirth is considered the toughest part of being pregnant. That’s because in certain exceptions, despite taking all precautions, a last minute emergency or an unforeseen contingency may surface. At Apollo Cradle our team of leading Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is always prepared to handle the challenges that may arise.

In most cases, at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we encourage natural birthing methods. However, depending on the severity of certain cases and the risks involved - we provide epidural as well as C-Section deliveries.

For the Baby
"From being asleep in the comfort of your mother's womb, you're now out in the new world that seems so new and different. Your parents have been waiting for you, and they are elated to hear your wailing cry. Although unclear at this moment, in the years to come you will learn of the great joy that this moment brought your parents and their loved ones."

Services Available at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital for Delivery

● State-of-the-art birthing suite
● Epidural delivery
● High-risk delivery
● C-Section
● Cord blood banking