Mrs. Srishti Mehra – Nehru Place, New Delhi

I just had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle under Dr Reena Khandelwal. She is an amazing doctor. She made me feel so comfortable during the whole procedure. The staff made my stay very comfortable and greatly reduced any anxiety. I would surely recommend Apollo Cradle in the future

Dr Reena Khandelwal

Mrs.Mamta Arya – Nehru Place, New Delhi

I delivered my baby under the care of Dr Reena Khandelwal. I must say that during the entire process, Dr Reena was extremely supportive and tried her level best to make me feel comfortable. The entire staff at Apollo Cradle was very cooperative and friendly, which helped me to get through the entire process with ease. Thanks to Apollo Cradle team for helping us get the best gift of our lives

Dr Reena Khandelwal

Mrs.Nisha Gulati Parashar – Apollo Cradle Nehru Place ,New Delhi

I came to Apollo Cradle for my delivery under Dr Reena Khandelwal and found the services here to be commendable. I experienced no discomfort during my stay here. The staff made me feel at complete ease and ensured all my needs were fulfilled. The environment here is very comfortable. The meals are served on time. The rooms and washrooms are kept completely clean. I thank Apollo and its staff for such great treatment.

Mrs.Jasleen – Apollo Cradle Nehru Place ,New Delhi

I came to the Apollo Cradle for my delivery under the care of Dr Reena Khandelwal and had a great experience here. To start off with, the nursing staff here is commendable. They are soft-spoken, empathetic and responsive. Besides that, the housekeeping staff maintains complete cleanliness in the rooms and washrooms. The meals served are also good. Thank you, Apollo Cradle!