Apollo Creadle Doctor

Dr. Seema Sharma

Dr. Seema Sharma



Experience : 18 Years

Specialty :

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

City :

New Delhi

Location :

Moti Nagar-( view location)

  • With an excellent bedside manner and a truly reassuring touch, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Seema Sharma has managed to make inroads not only in her professional sphere but also in the hearts and minds of her patients in Delhi and its surrounding areas. She is a gynecologist par excellence with a clinic where she practices as per the various specialties that she is trained and qualified in. One of her biggest strengths is the fact that she has catered to so many challenging cases that she has now managed to gather a substantial client base and knowledge base that have both helped her progress at a good growth rate. Rather than mere medication and surgical procedures, she is a proponent of the holistic approach which she has developed with years of experience, practice and a sharpened instinct to catch hold of the root cause of various gynecology related ailments and conditions.

    Her diagnosis in this regard often includes a thorough evaluation, probe, and study of the mental and family-related factors that surround the patient on a day to day basis. With this, she is able to recommend a lot of lifestyle changes that help in getting around the stress and relationship related issues that may be creating health problems in the reproductive system. From pre and postnatal care for pregnant ladies and new mothers to surrogacy planning as well as contraceptive care and advice, she practices in various fields that pertain to the challenges of health problems in the field of gynecology. Accordingly, she has gained the trust of her loyal patient base, which makes her one of the most highly recommended doctors in her field, within Delhi.

    Treatment & services expertise:

    • Gynecologist
    • Obstetrician
    • Infertility Specialist

    Training and conferences:

    • Presented a case history of hyperhomocysteinemia in pregnancy at the first international Preceptorship programme at Singapore in Apr 2012.
    • Invited lecture on Swine flu in pregnancy in the 1st international conference on preventing pregnancy losses in Delhi 2011.
    • Taken CME’s and lectures on Recurrent Pregnancy loss at various parts of the country like Surat, Haldwani, and Delhi as part of FOGSI initiative.
    • Presentation on Tocolysis- the future at FOSI-FIGO international conference at Mumbai, April 2011.
    • Lecture presentation on Role of GnRH antagonists in infertility at the FIGO conference at Mumbai, 2011.
    • Lecture on GnRH agonists versus antagonists at the AICC RCOG annual national conference at Chennai- March 2011.
    • Lecture presentation on Role of ureteric jets in OBS/Gyn at the 9th national conference of ultrasound-Apr2009.
    • Invited lecture on Clinical governance and breaking bad news at the AICC RCOG national conference at Delhi. Mar 09.
    • Lecture presentation on “Role of Ultrasound in Chronic Pelvic Pain” at the 9th annual national conference of ultrasound on Oct 07’.
    • Video demonstration of “Caesarean Section scar pregnancy” during the 8th annual national conference of ultrasound on Jul 06’.
    • Video demonstration of “Unusual presentation of Chronic Ectopic Pregnancy” at the 7th annual national conference of ultrasound in India Jun 05’.
    • Part of various panel discussions on infertility and PCOS in various CME in and around Delhi.

    Professional membership:

    • Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists -London (RCOG)
    • Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery- F- MAS Recognized by the -World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (WALS)
    • Government Representative Appointed by the Ministry of Health for the District Advisory MTP Committee in West Delhi – 2001
    • Advanced Diploma in infertility treatment(FOGSI) – 2008
    • IMS
    • IFS
    • Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI)
    • DMC

  • Wed 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Sat 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Deepika Sharma

The hospital was recommended by our gynaecologist, Dr. Seema Sharma. Though were not interested to deliver at a newly opened hospital, she suggested we take a look at it at least. The first visit to Apollo Cradle was enough for us to be a 100% sure that this is going to be the first place where our child will be welcomed. The best part here was the concept of maternity hospital as compared to other hospitals we came across. The value added services right from baby shower events to cake cutting, candle light lunch, room decoration, premium car drop has not only won our heart but has impressed all our relatives who came to visit us during our stay in the hospital, which was no less than a hotel stay. It seemed as if we have come for a relaxing vacation stay after the delivery. Rooms & washroom have best of facilities & kudos to the staff that keep it well- maintained & spotless. The hospital team took care of my wife so well that we didn’t find the need of calling either of our moms. The staff was serving us day and night during our stay. They gave us a feel of home away from home.  

Priyanka Shanker - Apollo Cradle Motinagar, New Delhi, 17/2/2016

Apollo Cradle was recommended to us by Dr. Seema Sharma. When we visited the place to see the facilities, we were convinced to get our baby delivered at Apollo Cradle. The stay was really awesome. We didn’t have the feeling of staying at a hospital or being a patient. It was as good as staying at home. The hospitality was excellent. All doctors, nurses and staff were very supportive. We loved the value added services which makes this hospital different from others, and provides us the moment of happiness to celebrate it.  

Mrs.Akansha Arora - Apollo Cradle Moti Nagar ,New Delhi

I was admitted to Apollo Cradle for my delivery under the care of Dr Seema Sharma. We opted for a Deluxe sharing room. The room was clean and the food was good in taste as well as quality. The doctor made me very comfortable, explained everything to me and answered all my queries. The nursing staff was also very helpful. Thanks for making my most beautiful moment even better. I would surely recommend Apollo to my family and friends.

Mrs.Maneet Kaur Kohli - Apollo Cradle Moti Nagar ,New Delhi

Under Dr Seema, I had my delivery at the Apollo Cradle. The care manager is good and arranged all the things beautifully for us. The nursing staff for the babies is extremely great. However, I will suggest there should be more coordination between staff. Baby care nurses were superb. I would surely recommend Apollo Cradle to all my friends and family.

Mrs.Neha Bansal - Apollo Cradle Moti Nagar ,New Delhi

I heard about the Apollo Cradle for the first time from a friend. I had my delivery at the hospital under Dr Seema Sharma. The whole team of doctors and the staff is amazing. They take good care of you. I would recommend Apollo Cradle in the future.

Mrs Manroop Kaur Gill - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

Amenities, facilities and services provided at the Apollo Cradle are top-notch and I am extremely satisfied with my experience here. Dr Seema Sharma and staff answered all our queries. I would surely recommend it to my friends and family members.

Mrs.Amandeep Kaur - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

During the course of my treatment at the Apollo Cradle under Dr Seema, I found all the facilities and services offered by the hospital to be excellent, right from the behaviour, knowledge and care of the staff, to the minimal response time and efficiency of the doctors. Owing to my wonderful experience here, I am very likely to recommend this hospital to my friends and family too.

Mrs.Gurjeet Kaur - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

I visited the Apollo Cradle for my treatment under the care of Dr Seema Sharma and would like to commend the hospital for their excellent services. I had such a wonderful experience here owing to the warm, friendly yet experienced and skilful staff involved during my treatment, right from nurses and doctors to the administration and management staff.

Mrs.Swati Arora - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

In my experience, the services and facilities offered at the Apollo Cradle are very good. Dr Seema Sharma handled all our queries well and responded on time. I will surely recommend the hospital to my friends and family members.

Mrs.Manu Arora - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

During the course of my stay at Apollo Cradle, I found the services here to be excellent. The ambience is very good and the environment is also clean. Infrastructure is outstanding and everybody from the front office staff to doctors to the housekeeping staff is very courteous and polite. Dr Seema Sharma is helpful and knowledgeable. I am highly satisfied with my experience here and would surely recommend this hospital to my family.

Mrs.Kanika Jain - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

Overall, I had a great experience with Apollo Cradle. I came here for the delivery of my baby under the care of Dr Seema Sharma and I am thoroughly satisfied. The only problem I felt was with the housekeeping staff, which requires a bit of improvisation. Otherwise, the doctors, nurses and administration are skilled and well organized. I would love to recommend this hospital to my near and dear ones.

Mrs.Amandeep - Apollo Cradle Amritsar

I came to Apollo Cradle for the delivery of my child under Dr Seema Sharma and I can say that I had the best experience here. The doctors are very skilled and professional, the ambience is homely and amazing. The staff is extremely cooperative and helpful. The hospital is very hygienic and clean. We are thoroughly satisfied with the hospital and its services and would surely recommend it to our loved ones.

Mrs.Manika Mehra - Amritsar.

I was admitted in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar for my delivery. I had consulted Dr Seema Sharma of the gynaecology and obstetrics department. I felt that the entire team was extremely friendly and kind toward me. They made me feel comfortable in every way. Highly recommend. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Arshdeep - Amritsar.

I was operated in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar for my delivery. One of my friends had recommended Apollo Cradle to me and I consulted Dr Seema Sharma for the same. I was impressed with the dedication and care put in by the entire staff of Apollo, be it the administrative department, or housekeeping, or the doctors and nurses themselves. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Neha Sukhija - Amritsar.

Thank you, Apollo Cradle for being with us so that we could have an amazing birth experience under the care of Dr Seema Sharma. She is excellent at her job and was really patient. She took great care of me and my child. I feel like the problem of Jaundice was not an issue, but my child was admitted to the NICU for precaution. Else, everything was great. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Kamaldeep Kaur - Amritsar.

I came to know of the Apollo Cradle through an advertisement in the newspaper and decided to visit it. My child was under the care of Dr Seema Sharma. She was excellent and so were the rest of the services provided to us. I was surely in good hands. Thanks to team Apollo Cradle for everything. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Preeti Bhandar - Amritsar.

I cannot recommend Apollo Cradle enough if you are considering their services. I had my delivery in Apollo Cradle under the care of Dr Seema Sharma. I had a great experience with Apollo. The staff took care of everything. My child is in great health and I am enjoying motherhood without any setbacks, thanks to Apollo Cradle. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Harpreet Kaur - Amritsar.

We felt we were in great care in Apollo Cradle. I had my delivery under the care of Dr Seema Sharma. My family member had recommended Apollo Cradle to me and I am glad I chose it. Not just the delivery, but Dr Sharma and her team were equally efficient. I will never forget this particular level of care. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs. Sonia Sharma - Amritsar.

I had a wonderful experience with Apollo Cradle for my delivery. I had a really comfortable stay, thanks to the commendable efforts of Dr Seema. She was caring and patient. The staff provided active support and kept me calm and confident. Every requirement was duly taken care of, I did not have to ask for anything. Thanks a lot.

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Ash Gynae - Amritsar.

To say I had a great experience in Apollo Cradle is hardly an exaggeration. I was admitted in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar under the care of Dr Seema. My stay was a positive experience and the best thing is an all around positive energy. The staff took care of everything- be it feeding or keeping the cleanliness intact. However, I would suggest that a few formalities can be ignored for a smoother experience.

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Pratima - Amritsar.

Another vote for Apollo cradle. I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle under Dr Seema Sharma. She is truly a gift that every woman deserves on her special day. The staff is always available and address all your concerns. Thanks to Dr Seema and her team. I couldn’t recommend Apollo Cradle highly enough to support you through birth.

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Donia Sethi - Amritsar.

I simply cannot speak highly enough of my great experience with Apollo Cradle. I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle, under the hands of Dr Seema. She patiently and efficiently helped me have a normal delivery instead of pushing for an operation straight away like other medical institutions do. She answered all our questions thoroughly. Thanks a lot for everything.

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Venus Mehta - Amritsar.

Apollo cradle has been a tremendous blessing to our family. I was admitted in the Infertility department there and Dr Seema was the doctor in charge of me. I was terrified at first, but the staff of Apollo Cradle helped me through it and made it an extremely positive experience. The PRO, nursing and housekeeping everything was great. I am glad we chose Apollo.

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs. Aman Aggarwal - Amritsar.

We visited Apollo Cradle for the delivery of my child. Overall, I had a fine experience there. I was impressed by the work of Dr Seema Sharma. She was truly incredible. However, I would like to suggest that the washrooms be provided with better ventilation. Rest everything was top notch. I highly recommend Apollo Cradle

Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Ridhima - Amritsar.

I would like to sincerely thank Apollo Cradle for your professional, warm and flexible support during the birth of my child under the care of Dr Seema. I will say that I had a memorable experience of a lifetime here. The PRO was patient with our queries, the suite provided to us was clean and hygienic. The staff was very prompt and responsive to all my needs. Thanks, team Apollo! Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Raman Kaur - Amritsar.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Apollo Cradle for giving us such amazing experience. I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar. I would say that the treatment given to us by Dr Seema Sharma was very appreciable. She was extremely patient yet energetic. The staff was incredibly cooperative like a family. Special mention for the delicious food provided! I will surely recommend Apollo Cradle to my family and friends. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Rashmi Arora - Amritsar.

Apollo Cradle is absolutely amazing. I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle under the care of Dr Seema. She did an incredible job with the whole process and made it very comfortable for me. She is the most patient, gentle and professional doctors I know. I would like to add that the tables provided for meals should have a bit of height to support patients who cannot bend down easily. Overall, a great experience. Dr Seema Sharma

Mrs.Dilpreet Kaur - Amritsar.

I had my delivery in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar under Dr Seema. I had come to know about Apollo Cradle through the internet and got in touch with Dr Seema for the delivery. I am glad I made the call as I was given excellent services during my stay. The presence of Dr Seema is calming, reassuring and loving. I would surely recommend Apollo Cradle to my friends and family members. Dr Seema Sharma

Suman Chawla

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the best maternity care offered by Apollo Cradle team. I and my baby are really lucky to be under Dr. Seema Sharma’s care. She treated us so well. I did not have any risks during my pregnancy.

Sonam Sapra

My special mentions to Dr. Seema Sharma for providing me the utmost care that I needed. I had a safe delivery because of her extended support I and my baby are healthy. All credits to Apollo Cradle.

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