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Dr. Shyamala Dubey

Dr. Shyamala Dubey



Experience : 5 Years

Specialty :

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

City :


Location :

Jubilee Hills-( view location)

Dr Shyamala Dubey is a obstetrician and gynaecologist. Specialized in High risk obstetrics, Infertility and Gynaecology.


Bhavya Shanthi

At Apollo Cradle, I have received the care and support beyond what I expected! Dr. Shyamala Dubey was too good she had extended her support by always being available on call. She is a doctor who takes away all your worries, hence she is a boon for me and my baby. Special mentions to housekeeping and room cleaning services. My room was clean and neat all the time.


I was under the expert care of Dr. Shyamala, she gave me constant care and support. I had a safe and smooth labor with no risks. I will always be thankful to my doctor and nurses. I will recommend all my friends and colleagues to get the best care during pregnancy.


I am extremely impressed by the care I received from Dr. Shyamala. She gave her best in making me feel comfortable. I delivered my baby very safely, all the thanks to Dr. Shyamala. The nursing staff made me feel at home. Me and my family will be thankful to Apollo Cradle.

Baby of Suhasini

Dr. Shyamal had treated my baby, she was very caring and humble natured. Her patience was very appreciable, the constant and best care provided by the team of Apollo Cradle had made my baby feel better in no time.

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