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Dr. Jyothi Rajesh

Dr. Jyothi Rajesh



Experience : 20 Years

Specialty :

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

City :


Location :

Koramangala-( view location)

Dr . Jyoti Rajesh having 20 years of rich experience deals with routine Obstetrics & Gynecology and high risk pregnancies.

  • Mon 12:00 PM -01:00 PM
  • Wed 12:00 PM -01:00 PM
  • Fri 12:00 PM -01:00 PM

Mrs Rose Thomas

All fine J @ Cradle Koramangala The stay was perfectly fine.

  1. The sisters on post –pregnancy observation room were very helpful.
  2. Nursing care on all places were excellent (5 stars * * * * *)
  3. The food was also good.
Thank you all.

Mrs Manisha - Apollo Cradle Koramangala, Bangalore

I consulted Dr Jyothi Rajesh for my delivery at the Koramangala clinic as referred by a relative. The PRO explained us the packages and without any waiting time, I got admitted in the deluxe single room. I am very satisfied with the doctors, who are highly qualified and the nurses, who make you feel at ease. The rooms are equipped with AC, TV and have clean washrooms. I would surely recommend it to my friends and family.

Mrs. Anjali - Koramangala, Bangalore

It was so nice to have one on one attention and feel comfortable asking questions, which is possible in the Apollo Cradle. It was certainly more comprehensive and meaningful than anything a simple hospital course would offer. Worth it!  Dr Jyoti Rajesh is wonderful and really helpful. Well, I am more likely to pay a visit again. Thank you Dr Jyoti Rajesh


Dr. Jyothi and her team had offered me the best I wanted. I will always be thankful for the whole Apollo Cradle team for making me feel delighted. One of the best hospital for experiencing the happiness of birthing.

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