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Dr. Sunil Eshwar

Dr. Sunil Eshwar



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Gynaecolory and Obstetrics & Infertility

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Jayanagar-( view location)

Dr. Sunil Eshwar is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecological Surgeon In Apollo cradle Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore, with more than a decade of experience in the field. Born and educated in south Bangalore, Dr. Eshwar graduated from Bangalore Medical College in 2000. He did his post graduation in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the prestigious Jawahar Institute of Medical Education and Research,(JIPMER) Puducherry. Thereafter he has worked independently as a consultant in several leading government and private institutions in south India. His area of expertise includes the management of high-risk pregnancies and infertility. He is also an experienced Laparoscopic Surgeon and is certified by the fetal medicine foundation to carry out ultrasound examinations.

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Mrs. Preeti S

The Jayanagar Cradle was our own choice primarily due to Dr. Sunil Eshwar consulting here. We are very happy with our decision due to his skilful handling of the complicated labour and the confidence he instilled in us during the consultation. Thanks to entire team.

Mrs. Khushboo

A special thanks to Dr. Sunil Eshwar @ Cradle Jayanagar for the care and attention. Nursing staff are excellent. Thank you Apollo Cradle Team. the Service Was very good.

Mrs. Bhanumathi

Thank you Dr Sunil Eshwar @ Apollo Cradle. Thank you for to entire Cradle taking GOOD CARE of me and my baby.

Mrs. Nagaveni

Good service, Nice Experience at delivering at Apollo Cradle. Thanks to my doctor.


Cleanliness, Perfect attention and care. Thank you very much, highly Appreciated. Thanks.


Thank to my doctor Dr Sunil Eshwar @ Cradle Jayanagar Cleanliness, facilities Good Care etc. It is good and maintain it.


Good service, Nice Experience delivering at Cradle Jayanagar. Thanks Dr. and Team.


Thanks to Dr Sunil Eshwar @ Cradle Jayanagar. Dr Sunil Eshwar was excellent. Very Good Nursing Staff. Keep up good work.


Excellent service all the medical staff at Apollo Cradle Jayanagar. Staff is very much friendly. Thanks.


Dr. Sunil is my consultant at Cradle Jayanagar. He was able to answer all my queries. The Cleanliness, Perfect attention and care was given during delivery. Thank you very much, highly appreciated.


Made good friends in Yoga classes, class and expert was brilliant! Excellent service all the medical staff where very much friendly. Dr. Sunil Eshwar at Cradle supported me a lot all through the pregnancy. Thanks to entire team.


I would like to thank Dr. Sunil Eshwar and Dr. Farida for excellent care taken during my pregnancy and delivery. Entire staff at Apollo Cradle (Jayanagar unit) was very friendly doing a awesome service, Keep it up.


Got very good care by both doctor and nurses. Got all my queries answered by Dr. Sunil Eshwar all through the pregnancy. Overall very good experience. Best of luck to Apollo Cradle Team.

Mrs. Bhavya

Keep up the excellent service and very good medical quality of doctors and nurses at Apollo Cradle Jayanagar. I also like to thank my doctor for care during my pregnancy and delivery.

Mrs Roshini - Apollo Cradle Koramangala, Bangalore

I had visited the Apollo cradle, Koramangala under Dr Sunil’s supervision. I am a repeat patient and was admitted for a procedure. I was very happy with their services. The ambulance arrived on time, was very hygienic and was driven carefully. The front office team was cooperative and admission formalities were also completed on time. The team of doctors and nurses were knowledgeable and competent with quick response. Rooms were clean and infrastructure was good.

Mrs.Shashi - Apollo Cradle Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

What a wonderful experience I had at the Apollo Cradle. The process was supervised by Dr Sunil Eshwar. Apollo Cradle offers great services. The support staff is always there to help you whenever you need them. They patiently listened to me and helped ease my worries.

Mrs.Mohan - Apollo Cradle Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

I delivered my baby under the care of Dr Sunil. He made the whole process so easy and comfortable for my wife. The feeding nurses took good care of my baby. I would recommend Apollo Cradle to all my friends and family.

Mrs. Shridhar - Apollo Cradle Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

I recently delivered my baby at the Apollo Cradle under Dr Sunil Eshwar. The nursing staff made my stay very comfortable. The room was clean. Overall, the services provided are worth it. The staff is also very accommodating and kind. I would recommend Apollo Cradle in the future.

Mrs.Riyana - Apollo Cradle Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

I underwent a procedure at the Apollo Cradle. The doctor in charge was Dr Sunil Eshwar. The support staff at the hospital is very caring. The services provided by the hospital are great and worth the money spent.

Mrs. Kanika Mago - Apollo Cradle Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

I was at the Apollo Cradle under the observation of Dr Sunil Eshwar. He made the whole process very comfortable and easy for me. The nursing staff is exceptionally good. We can\'t thank the Apollo team enough for an amazing experience.

Mrs.Asha - Jayanagar,Bangalore.

I was admitted to Apollo Cradle under the care of Dr Sunil Eshwar for my delivery. Apollo Cradle is providing outstanding quality of services. The nurses are highly skilled and understanding. The administration is smooth and there is almost no waiting time. There is no discomfort and the entire team is highly approachable. The premises are clean and hygienic as well; the rooms are nice and have all amenities. Great job, Apollo Cradle. Dr Sunil Eshwar

Mrs.Nandhini - Jayanagar,Bangalore.

I was in the Apollo Cradle, Jayanagar for my delivery under the care of Dr Sunil Eshwar. He is articulate, helpful, and empathetic. He is highly qualified and trained as well. The nurses here are extremely effective and skilled. The support staff is kind and understanding. There was no waiting time and there is a high level of order maintained. Apollo Cradle has been a great choice for us, as always. Dr Sunil Eshwar

Mrs.Poornima - Jayanagar,Bangalore.

For my delivery, we chose Apollo Cradle. I was under the supervision of Dr Sunil Eshwar and he is a delight. He is positive and radiates good energy. His entire team is hardworking and reliable. The hospital is immaculately clean and the meals are hygienic as well. Definitely going to recommend Apollo Cradle to my friends and family! Dr Sunil Eshwar


I am highly satisfied with the services at Apollo Cradle, I felt very comfortable with the treatment and care provided. A very clean and pleasant place that creates positive vibes all around. A special mention to Dr. Sunil Eshwar for the constant and timely care. I feel so happy to thank each and every staff member. My best wishes to Apollo Cradle team for many more successes!


Our family will always be thankful to Dr. Sunil Eshwar for safely delivering our baby. Everything went on so smoothly, I will recommend Apollo Cradle to all my friends, as I want them also to experience the best place for delivering baby.

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