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Dr. Latika Uppal

Dr. Latika Uppal


MBBS, DCH, MD, Fellowship Neonatology

Specialty :

Neonatology and Paediatrics

City :


Location :

Amritsar-( view location)

Dr. Latika Uppal is a Paediatrician and neonatologist, practicing in Apollo Cradle, Amritsar. Her Area of interest is in Neonatal development and immunization. She believes in constantly keeping herself abreast with the latest developments in the field of Paediatrics and Neonatology.

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Mrs.Vani - Amritsar.

My baby was kept under observation in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar. Dr Latika was the doctor in charge. I was very pleased with the level of services we received during our stay there. All the staff was very pleasant and lively. They were patient with us and helped us get through the procedure comfortably. It was a tough time for us, but Apollo Cradle helped us through it. We will always remember this amazing experience Dr Latika

Mrs.Geetika - Amritsar.

I had my child under the observation of Dr Latina Uppal. She is the best Neonatologist in the city and is truly amazing at what she does. She made everything so easy for my newborn and eased me through the experience as well. Thanks. I will definitely recommend Apollo Cradle to my friends and family members Dr Latina Uppal

Mrs.Naina - Amritsar.

My child was admitted to the NICU in the Apollo Cradle. I am thankful to the staff for the excellent care they provided to our child. Dr Latika Uppal handled the critical case very well. Her staff was equally cooperative. Never we have felt a moment of panic because we trusted you. Apollo Cradle has proved to be a lifesaver for our family and we are thankful to them. Dr Latika Uppal

Mrs.Ruchika - Amritsar.

My child was kept under observation in the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar under the care of Dr Latika. I would like to thank Gurjit for taking care of us like her own family. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the success in life. Ms Komal didn’t guide that well, but thanks to Ms Mandarshan & Amninder for their lovely support.


Dr Latika

Mrs.Aradhit - Amritsar.

We very highly recommend Apollo Cradle to anyone looking for great healthcare. I was admitted in the gynaecology and obstetrics department in the Apollo Cradle. I had a very pleasant experience under the care of Dr Latika Uppal. She took care of me very efficiently. I was impressed with all of the facilities alike though special mention to the staff members of Apollo Cradle! They were truly professional and accommodating at the same time. Dr Latika Uppal

Baby of Jaspreet

Dr. Latika is such a wonderful person who is very dedicated and always available for the patients, she treated my baby and now because of her me and my baby are healthy and happy. Thanks nurses and other staff members. Apollo Cradle the best place ever.


Dr. Latika is a very good human besides being a perfect doctor. She is very dedicated and speaks with her patients in a friendly manner. I and my baby are well treated; I will never forget her. Thanks to all the nurses for offering great services.

Baby of Ranjeet

Dr. Latika and the nurses at Apollo Cradle had offered the best of best services and made us experience early recovery. The housekeeping staff were very supportive and understanding. The rooms were kept neat and clean. Worth to be here.

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