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Reema Menon – Apollo Cradle Kondapur

This was my first pregnancy and I was recommended to Dr. Jasmin Rath by my sister as the doctor was her consultant gynaec during her pregnancy. I was consulting Dr. Jasmin when I was 27 weeks pregnant and it is very difficult to change your gynaec and trust someone new especially when you are very much comfortable with your doctor. I wasn’t very sure how my remaining pregnancy days and delivery would go under Dr. Jasmin until the day I met her. In our very first meet she made me so comfortable and till date she has been very supportive and has made my journey towards motherhood very easy and a blessing one. So was the staff at apollo cradle (including the Pediatrician – Sai Suveer Reddy, 2nd floor IP nurses – Shailja, Sneha, Kavya, IP Care manager – Priyanka, on duty doctors, house keeping staff, caterers) they all were so amazing. I do not have a single minute of regret in choosing apollo cradle and Dr. Jasmin Rath. Would highly recommend apollo cradle to all the future expecting mothers. Surely in safe hands.