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Mrs. Bhawna Bua – Apollo Cradle Moti Nagar, New Delhi

I would like to pen down few words on our recent experience at Apollo Cradle and especially with the doctors in this hospital.

Coming from a foreign land (out of India), we have had a good experience in being exposed to the services & environment of various hospitals and doctors. Usually, the services and options available in India are limited, but Apollo Cradle took us by surprise. It has some of the best international facilities in the hospital.

Apart from the infrastructure (which plays a huge role), what makes the hospital stand apart is the team of doctors and specialists that provide good patient care. In Apollo Cradle (Moti Nagar branch) the level of hospitality that I have seen has been at par with any other top hospital, at least what I have experienced, outside India. The kindness and willingness to help among staff members, was really amazing.

Speaking about the doctor, we consulted Dr (Lt. Col) Leena Sreedhar, I’m really thankful to her for the care & support she gave to my wife during her pregnancy. Our first meeting with Dr Leena was good enough for us to make us believe that we are in the right caring hands. The unique nature which I would like to highlight of hers, is that she is equally concerned about the patient as the rest of the family, which as a husband made me feel really nice and not alone in this critical phase of our life. The transparency and care that she showed in every gesture she performed whether that is talking to us or checking the patient or writing the prescription and explaining the same, made us build more confidence in her and in her ability/experience. Coming from an armed forces background, she has been equally clear, disciplined and focused when looking at her patients. I have witnessed it by myself by not just being in her office but also in the operation theater when my wife was getting operated.

For obvious reasons of just being a spectator in the operation theater, I noticed how aligned her team was in the room, how organized every member of her team was in whichever task they were assigned to and most importantly, how much Dr Leena was in the control of the situation every second. Spectacularly her style, her nature and her approach has not changed ever since and even till today, when we meet her, she mirrors whatever I have mentioned herein above.

I would like all my good friends who are currently undergoing the same situation in their life, which I was facing a few months back (wife pregnant, all concerned about which best doctor to consult, best facility, good staff & great care), I would recommend you to please try and experience Apollo Cradle and meet Dr Leena. I am sure you would have more to add to what I have written about her & her team.

Thank You Dr Leena and her entire team for being there & never letting us feel that we are alone in this important phase of our life.

Dr. Leela N Shreedhar