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Mrs Anitha – Apollo Cradle Shafi Mohammed Road, Chennai, 19/07/2016

I would happily recommend Apollo Cradle, Off Greams Road Chennai for those who are planning to deliver their prince/princess into this world. The hospital has all the facilities and the nurses provide excellent care for the mother and baby. I would even recommend getting the baby delivered by Dr. Sumana Manohar – she is the best Doctor around. With over 25 years of domestic and International experience in Gynecology, she was a source of support during the delivery hours.

I was in active labour for about 13 hours, I’m sure no doctor or hospital would consider waiting for so long to deliver a baby, but Dr. Sumana Manohar maintained her calm and insisted on a normal delivery, even if it took two days.

I’m really happy to deliver a baby girl. All thanks to Dr. Sumana Manohar for being so caring and patient-friendly.

Also, happy to choose Apollo Cradle for my delivery. Hats-off to Dr. Sumana Manohar for her efforts and dedication. No words can express how much we owe it to Dr. Sumana Manohar. I would also like to express my gratitude towards duty doctors and nurses for providing the best care and support.

The journey to being a mom was beautiful. We would strongly recommend Apollo Cradle to all those looking for a hospital to deliver their baby. Thank you Dr. Sumana Manohar. Thank you Apollo Cradle.

Dr.Sumana Manohar