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Santosh Gupta

I delivered my baby at Apollo Cradle under the expert care of Dr. Laxmi Rathna M. I had received the best care throughout my pregnancy. My all praises for the nurses, they were compassionate and highly available all the time. I am very thankful to all the team.


I was under the expert care of Dr. Shyamala, she gave me constant care and support. I had a safe and smooth labor with no risks. I will always be thankful to my doctor and nurses. I will recommend all my friends and colleagues to get the best care during pregnancy.


I am extremely impressed by the care I received from Dr. Shyamala. She gave her best in making me feel comfortable. I delivered my baby very safely, all the thanks to Dr. Shyamala. The nursing staff made me feel at home. Me and my family will be thankful to Apollo Cradle.


Dr. Anuradha Panda had made our dream come true. She gave all her care in helping me deliver my baby very safely. Her positive words always drove me to stay strong, I will recommend Apollo Cradle as the superior facility for amazing birthing experience.

Priti Hota

I had the best birthing experience at Apollo Cradle. I highly recommend it for all the ones who would love to experience the joy of delivering their baby at the best place. Special mention to Dr. Kusuma as she had treated me with lots of patience. She was the best doctor I have come across till date. The room was kept too clean and neat. All the decoration and designs at the place are eye pleasing.


My baby and myself are too lucky for receiving the best care at Apollo Cradle, I was not so sure of receiving such an amazing experience but for our surprise we had the best than what we expected. Specially, I was overwhelmed by joy with the care and support offered by Dr. Anuradhapanda, she was the most caring doctor I have seen. She was very kind and friendly with all her patients.


The doctors at Apollo Cradle strives their best in making their patients feel comfortable. During my delivery I was under the care of Dr. Sharadareddy is a wonderful gynecologist always there to stand by the patients to care them enough. I am happy with the care offered by them.

Baby of Sweta

My baby was under the care of Dr. Durga Prasad, he was very attentive and gave the best care for my baby for speedy recovery. We are very happy with the support and care offered by Apollo Cradle. Special thanks to all the nurses.

Baby of Suhasini

Dr. Shyamal had treated my baby, she was very caring and humble natured. Her patience was very appreciable, the constant and best care provided by the team of Apollo Cradle had made my baby feel better in no time.

Baby of Vinila

My baby had a health issue post-delivery and was under the care of Dr. Durga Prasad. He gave all his best possible care for restoring my baby’s health. I and my family will be grateful to the whole Apollo Cradle team.

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