Your Stay

We strive to make your experience at Apollo Cradle as comfortable and smooth as possible. We give below some guidelines that will help you be prepared for your journey with us.

Pre-Admission Guidelines

If you have been given an admission date, we encourage you to pre-register with the Centre as early as possible to ensure admission without any delays.

Choice of Package  

  • Normal Delivery
  • Instrumental Delivery
  • LSCS (C-Section)
  • LSCS (C-Section) With Tubectomy

Choice of Accommodation
Varied levels of accommodation are available to suit every budget

  • Semi Deluxe Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Super Deluxe Room
  • Suite

Of Hospital Bills 

The Hospital will generate an estimate of your total hospital bill for the admission. This includes the Consultant’s professional fees but does not include emergency visits, cross referrals, cases with complications and charges for any procedure not specified at the time of admission. Therefore, the finally billed amount may vary from the estimate given. Your understanding is sought in this matter.

Insurance Guidelines

Health Insurance eases the financial burden of treatment while provides you with an option for tax savings as well as the premium on health insurance policy is eligible for I.T. deduction. Apollo Cradle offers the Cashless facility where the insurance company directly pays the hospital for the hospitalization expenses relieving the patient / family from the burden of making payment.

Things to understand when using the Cashless Facility

  • Insurance card, proper ID & local address proof is required to process the authorization
  • Pre-authorization approval is mandatory and this may take up to 24 hours to receive.
  • As a policy of insurance companies, patients can only be discharged after receiving final approval from the insurance company.
  • During holidays or unforeseen events the process may get delayed
  • Apollo Cradle has no control over the amount approved
  • In case of any query raised by the Insurance provider, the process may get delayed by a few hours while this is being addressed.
  • Apollo Cradle cannot influence the decision of the Insurance provider if there is any rejection for the claim.
  • New born baby claim process will take more than 24 hours to get pre authorization / approval (Parents should enroll the new born baby with the chosen Insurance provider immediately to avail the benefit)
  • Enhancement, if sought, will happen only at the time of discharge
  • Non-medical items are not paid / reimbursed by Insurance providers
  • Patient / attender should enquire about the coverage for the following  from the Insurance provider / TPA before admission: Maternity limit (for normal / LSCS / Procedure) | Co-Payment | Room rent restriction that may include nursing charges | cover for extra procedures or overstay.

The Cashless facility for insurance package includes: Room rent (to the extent of eligibility as per your policy), nursing charges (to the extent of eligibility as per policy), Surgeon / Anesthetist fees, Assistant, Surgeon fees, Duty Doctor charges, OT charges / Labour room charges, OT medicine and Recovery area charges.

Doctors' ward visits, Doctors' extra visit (Sundays, Public Holidays, Nights, Emergencies, Early Mornings, etc.), extra medicines, NST/CTG charges, Scans (emergency scans during night will be charged extra), emergency visit charges of INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 will be applicable for delivery / procedure between 10 pm to 6 am and Sundays / public holidays, blood and transfusion charges, other specialist consultation referrals charges, vaccination charges, epidural anesthesia / instrument charges for other procedures done during the hospital stay, phototherapy charges, nebulization / steam inhalation, IR therapy, Gestational Diabetic Management (GDM), Cervical stitch removal, tubectomy / Family Planning procedure, Pediatrician charges, Baby bill and Baby consumables, HPV vaccination and Newborn screening.

Not covered in the package or by insurance): Registration charges, Medical record, Polio, BCG, Baby care, Baby diapers, luxury tax, diet, diet counselling, lactation counselling / consultation and Physiotherapy consultation.

Admission Day Guidelines

Admission formalities will be done at the Admission / Billing

Please bring the following documents when you get admitted:

  • Admission advice from your Doctor
  • If you do not have an Indian passport or are not an Indian citizen, please bring a copy of your visa and passport
  • Information about the hospital charges is available with the Billing Department at the hospital.
  • You will need to pay a deposit at the time of booking your admission or at admission. The amount will depend on the type of accommodation you choose.
  • If you are need to undergo any surgery, for the procedure will need to be deposited at admission; you will be kept informed about subsequent payment that needs to be made.
  • We request you to make the payments within 24 hours of intimation
  • You should get admitted for day surgery by on the morning of surgery so that there is time to get all your admission formalities completed in time for surgery.
  • For other surgery, your doctor will advise you to get admitted the day before.
We will do our best to give you your choice of accommodation, but we will confirm this the day before your scheduled admission.
In Room Facilities

Room Facilities
The Guest Relation Executive will escort you to your room.

  • In-Room Facilities
    Your room has been specially designed to provide the comfort of your home. It is air-conditioned, and has cable TV. You will have facilities for telephone calls, in room food service and a newspaper. Toiletries will be provided. Your clothes and clothes for the baby will be provided.
  • Nurse on Call
    A nurse call system makes sure that nurses will always attend to you when required. Please do not hesitate in using the Nurse Call button in case you need any assistance. Nurses at Apollo Cradle are groomed to attend to all your emergency requirements and needs with a smile.
  • Attendant
    A dedicated trained attendant will be assigned to you. You can avail his / her services within the hospital premises.
  • Housekeeping
    Housekeeping will clean your room three times a day to ensure hygiene.
  • Hot water will be available 24 hrs.
What To Bring

The Hospital provides everything you would need during your stay. However you may want to bring some items of a personal nature such as toiletries and your medical records and reports.

  • Dressing gown – in-room gown is provided by Apollo Cradle
  • Slippers
  • Personal toiletries
  • Copies of medical information (x-rays, scans, records, etc.)
  • Admission paperwork not previously submitted to the Reservations department
Things To Pack For Labour
  • CDs if you would like music (there is an exhaustive play list at the Hospital too)
  • Camera and/or video camera (or you can request for the Hospital camera)
Essentials For Your Baby

All you will need to bring for your baby is an outfit to go home in. A car seat for the newborn baby is also essential for your baby's safe journey home.

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