Specialty Clinics

As the name suggests, each month, a specialist team dedicates time to address specific problems related women’s health. Speciality clinics offer the benefits of advanced technology, innovation-driven procedures, optimum clinical talent and a unique focus on individual patient care. At Apollo Cradle, our priority focuses on superior patient satisfaction and patient outcomes, keeping in mind the demands and requirement of their medical condition. The design, management, staffing and operation of our speciality clinics focus on the medical needs while ensuring an overall comfort and stress-free environment to help promote a speedy recovery.


Complexities in a women’s health can often make seeking treatment a sensitive issue. Apollo Cradle takes pride in its state of the art centre, with a medical team that is empathic to such needs. Our gynaecology centre comprises of a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services for women, dedicated to women’s requirements in all stages of life. Our gynaecology centre also includes a wide range of health services that offers regular health checks, women speciality clinic, cancer evaluations, cosmetic surgeries and health workshops, supported by advanced technology that drives diagnostic health screening services.


Conceived as a program for clinical excellence, Apollo Cradle incorporated a maternity centre that replicates a birthing centre imbued with the warmth and familiarity of a home. Keeping in mind a to-be mother’s expectations, our centre emphasises an approach that is focused on childbirth and motherhood. Our maternity centre provides state-of-the-art advanced antenatal, birthing, postpartum, neonatal and gynaecological services; that exudes warmth and comfort. Supporting this is our well trained medical team that believes in quality and compassion. Our maternity centre focuses on reassuring expecting mothers and assisting them in enjoying the journey of pregnancy along with bumps, joys, and surprises.


As an integral part of India's largest healthcare services, Apollo Cradle is well aware of the immense responsibility and commitment it takes to care for high-risk newborns. Our Neonatology centre is designed to deliver medical excellence for infants, ensuring that the regular and special needs of your baby are met. Our Neonatologists are well trained to handle the most complicated and high-risk situations, ensuring that your child has more than a fighting chance for life. Our facilities include a state of the art Level III NICU managed by trained and qualified medical and nursing staff and a consultant Neonatologist who is always accessible for your needs.

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