Preconception Health Care & Planing

Pregnancy brings with it some risks, which can affect both the mother as well as the child. Health defects or previously unknown disorders can not only risk the life of the mother, but it can also affect the baby before and after birth. Thus, it is crucial that you take careful steps to ensure optimal health, for both you and your baby, even before conception occurs. To ensure this, we at Apollo Cradle, recommend that you and your partner undergo preconception care under the guidance of veteran and well-skilled medical professionals.

Preconception planning is the best form of preventive medical treatment for both you and the child you are planning to conceive. Our healthcare professionals at Apollo Cradle will help you assess your current health status based on your fitness levels, lifestyle and medical history and offer preconception counselling.

While the health of each partner plays a major role in the conception and the genetic influence on the baby, it is the preconception health of women that plays a bigger role. If a woman suffers from health disorders such as certain heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy, it may affect her and the baby during the pregnancy. With the right medical care, guidance and preconception advice, our team at Apollo Cradle will provide you with the ideal treatment and specialised care for you, your partner and your baby during conception, development, and birth and even after birth.

Preconception health also screens for previously unknown genetic risks that can be passed on from you or your partner to your baby. Genetic conditions such as thalassaemia or sickle cell disease thalassaemia will require lifelong treatment after birth. Even if you are a gene carrier for cancer, it can be detected during preconception care, which will go a long way in helping you protect the health of yourself and your baby.

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