High Risk Pregnancy Management

Most women go through pregnancy without any complications, and naturally go into labour and give birth to a healthy baby. There are some instances, though, when a pregnancy may not go as smoothly as anticipated. There cases, where there is a potential risk to the health of the mother, the baby or both, are known as High Risk Pregnancies. These pregnancies require specialist care to ensure the best outcomes for the mother and the child. A high risk pregnancy can be a result of a number of factors, ranging from maternal age, pre-existing health conditions, the condition of your pregnancy, or lifestyle decisions.

At Apollo Cradle, we are committed to ensure that your journey to parenthood gets the attention it deserves, and your newborn get the best start at life possible. Our high risk pregnancy management team, peopled by the best doctors and specialists in the country, work towards accurately diagnosing the complication that is causing the problem and suggesting the best treatment and management options for you.

What Should You Know About Managing A High Risk Pregnancy?

The first step towards managing a high risk pregnancy is getting the right advice at the right time. At Apollo Cradle, our high risk pregnancy care center offers you the experience of specialists, who will accurately diagnose you, and monitor your pregnancy till birth.

How Can I Know If My Pregnancy Is A High Risk Case?

A number of factors can indicate whether you may need the help of a high risk pregnancy clinic. These factors can include:

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions
  2. Maternal age where you may be above 35 years
  3. Previously complicated pregnancies
  4. Health issues that develop during pregnancy like Preeclampsia and Gestational diabetes
  5. Pregnancy related issues like Placenta previa and fetal problems 

Understand, in detail, the symptoms that can indicate high risk pregnancy.

What Can Apollo Cradle Do To Help?

At Apollo Cradle, our experts in high risk pregnancy management will structure a schedule to manage your delivery. This schedule is designed to suit every mother’s medical requirements and is formulated if the initial phase of testing indicates a complication. You can expect the below

  1. Prenatal visits to monitor the pregnancy progress
  2. Fetal medicine screenings & tests to access baby’s health
  3. Diet & Weight management
  4. Counselling support to ensure emotional health of parent-to-be

Our high risk pregnancy care includes procedures that not only determine health risks, but also test for genetic conditions.

Understand the diagnostic process we follow for High Risk Pregnancy Management


Understanding that you may be suffering from a problem is the first step towards managing a high risk pregnancy. If you find that your pregnancy is not advancing as planned, it is essential that you seek out a high risk pregnancy clinic immediately. At Apollo Cradle, our high risk pregnancy management experts will ensure that no stone is left unturned to give you the most painless, and stress-free pregnancy possible. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today!