High-Risk Pregnancy Management

Pregnancy is considered high-risk, especially when there are potential complications that could affect the mother or the health of the baby. Such cases can also increase a baby’s chances for health and developmental problems at birth and after. At Apollo Cradle, we understand how critical it is to get the right advice and help at this stage and offer you experienced specialists in high-risk pregnancy care and monitoring. We are committed to providing you proper management and monitoring, with the best-in-class high-risk maternity care.

Pregnancy may be considered high-risk due to some factors, such as pre-existing medical conditions in the mother if her BMI is not in the normal range, teenage mothers or those older than 35 years, multiple births, previously complicated pregnancies or health issues that develop during pregnancy. At Apollo Cradle, we help address these concerns with the clinical skills of our Consultants, more frequent checkups, and routine screening tests such as blood tests or ultrasound exams. Our experts may also prescribe a series of diagnostic tests to help identify whether a pregnancy is a high risk. Our medical screening procedures determine the presence of health risks as well as tests for genetic conditions. With the necessary infrastructure and skilled personnel for conducting and analysing screening and diagnostic tests and ultrasound exams as well extra care given during pregnancy, labour, and delivery, our medical teams work to make sure that you suffer the least amount of difficulty during your delivery.

Symptoms to Look Out For:

At Apollo Cradle, we firmly believe that having the right information can go a long way in preventing potential issues. Symptoms of complications that may arise in a high-risk pregnancy are similar to those in a typical pregnancy, and it is important to address them immediately. Symptoms for expectant mothers to watch out for, include severe pain or cramping in the lower abdomen, noticeable changes in vision, blurred vision, decreased fetal movement, persistent headaches, painful burning sensations while urinating, vaginal bleeding or spotting, clear, watery vaginal discharge and frequent contractions during labour (meconium staining).

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