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Apollo Cradle was born out of our belief that childbirth is a celebration. We uphold this belief by delivering joy through tender loving care in an environment that replicates the warmth and comfort of home. Even after 30 years and over 100,000 babies delivered, each mother and baby is unique to us.

With our expert team clinical excellence, safety, patient experience and trust become the cornerstones of your experience at Cradle. You can relax in the state of the art facilities and be looked after through your stay with us.

NATURAL IS PRICELESS is an Apollo Group initiative to encourage natural childbirth

Natural childbirth is every doctor's first advice. Our doctors will help you make the choice of how to deliver your baby in the safest way.

One price pledge: At Apollo Cradle we have taken the pledge to do what is right for the mother and baby. We believe that the cost of delivering a child should not be determined by the method chosen and we make no distinction between the cost of a natural birth and a cesarean birth.

Our motherhood packages include nutritional counselling, fitness training and a variety of workshops. These not only help expectant mothers stay healthy, but help her deliver naturally.

Labour Delivery Recovery (LDR) Rooms

With the LDR, the expectant mother does not have to move as she progresses through labour. Labour, delivery and recovery happen in the comfort and privacy of one room.

Apollo Cradle is a pioneer of the LDR room concept. At Apollo Cradle, the LDR suite provides a home-like ambience and acts as an integrated labour, delivery and recovery facility, no longer requiring the mother to be moved to the delivery rooms or pre/post-operative recovery bay. You can select your favourite music to create the ambience for a calm birthing experience.

All Apollo Cradle's LDR suites are designed in soft, soothing colours and equipped with a multi-positioning bed that adjusts to a variety of birthing positions. This ensures that the mother-to-be is comfortable during labour and that her privacy is taken care of. The LDR suite, fully-equipped with all the medical facilities necessary for a normal delivery, is located close to the Operation Theatres in the event that  the mother or baby may need to be shifted for additional care.

Obstetrical Ultrasound Unit (OUU)

Ultrasound scans are required for almost all gynaecological check-ups or assessments. In pregnancy, ultrasounds are done frequently to get detailed information about the mother or development of the child. Accurate diagnosis on scans is very essential to be able to give the right treatment at the right time.

With its uncompromising stance on quality, Apollo Cradle has a state-of-the-art 4D, ultrasound imaging system, to ensure detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis of foetal development.

Emergency Care For Mothers & Babies

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): At Apollo Cradle, nothing is more important to us than the safety of your baby. The NICU at Apollo Cradle is an ultramodern facility, fully equipped to handle a baby needing extra care, such as premature babies, low birth weight babies and babies who require specialized medical care.

The NICU is equipped with monitoring facilities and ultramodern incubators with features that make taking care of the baby much easier and safer. Advanced ventilators and blood gas analyzers assist in ventilator management for babies who need assistance to breathe. Baby warmers and phototherapy units are state of the art with inbuilt safety features. A baby in NICU is under the care of a Consultant Neonatologist and qualified trained Resident Paediatric doctors manage the babies round the clock. Qualified trained nurses and other professional support staff care for the baby at all times. The caregiving process continues even after the mother and baby are discharged from Apollo Cradle; as the team is willing and available to address questions and concerns of the new parents.

High Dependency Unit (HDU): For the very rare occasion where a mother's condition requires temporary intensive care, she is stabilized in Apollo Cradle's HDU before she is transferred to the nearest Apollo Hospital where she can be cared for in an ICU.

Ambulance: Transfer is safe as Apollo Cradle has a robust patient transfer process in place. The ambulance, available at all hours, has the equipment and drugs and the trained staff to transfer adults and new born babies with the utmost care in the time of crisis.

Lab Services

Lab Services are all available at Apollo Cradle.

24x7 Pharmacy

Every Apollo Cradle has a 24-hour pharmacy within the facility, staffed by a team of registered pharmacists to provide the medications needed.

Located on the ground floor of the centers, close to the main reception, the pharmacy team is available for guidance and advice on all medication needs of the patients and their families. The pharmacy team works in partnership with the Consultants, resident medical officers and nursing staff to ensure safe and efficient medication services.

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