Health benefits of breast feeding

Babies tend to get the wholesome nutrition they need from breast milk, which formula milk cannot match. Breast milk provides the ideal combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that a baby needs. It also provides antibodies needed to fight off viruses and bacteria in a form more easily digested than infant formula milk. The advantages of breast milk are not just limited to better resistance against diseases but also a higher IQ later in the newborn’s life and numerous health benefits for t...

Myths about breastfeeding

As soon as you deliver your baby, you will be inundated with suggestions and advice regarding every aspect of raising your baby including breast feeding. It is therefore, very important for every expectant mother to find out all the facts on breast feeding in advance, to be able to combat the myths and stay firm on her decision to breastfeed her baby. Myths about breastfeeding Belief: There is not enough breast milk Myth: This is not true. Babies actually require very small amounts of milk....

Breastfeeding – common questions and answers

As a new mother, it is common to have doubts and insecurities about breast feeding. Breast feeding needs you to be relaxed, and take the time to bond with your baby. While it may seem more convenient to use formula milk, in fact there are many critical advantages to exclusive breast feeding that is not seen with formula milk. And the benefits extend well into your baby’s childhood and adult years. The benefits of breast feeding also extend to the mothers. Therefore it is important to be informed...

Breast feeding vs. formula feeding

Every woman who is pregnant or has just delivered, would have considered this at some time and made her choice. While many women choose formula milk for the convenience of it, if they were aware of the many benefits of breastfeeding, they would rethink their decision. Read through the following before making your choice. Breast milk is all a baby needs. Breastfeeding provides babies with the best start in life and is a key contributor to infant health. Exclusive breastfeeding is strongl...

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breast milk is undoubtedly the preferred option of nutrition for a newborn. While new mums maybe a little hesitant, knowing that breast feeding is like a bouquet of benefits, for both the child and the mother, should definitely inspire every new mum to breast feed. Some interesting facts about breast-feeding Breastfed babies are less likely to be obese According to research, babies who are breastfed during the first six months of their life have reduced chances of obesity during adulth...

Breastfeeding and its nutritional value for a child

Breastfeeding, Breast Milk for the Baby
Breast milk is rightly called 'liquid gold' as its benefits to baby are more than just good nutrition. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to prepare for breastfeeding. Milk comes 2 to 5 days after the baby is born. The first milk that the body produces is orangish-yellow in colour, called colostrum. Colostrum is full of all nutrients that a newborn needs, and also contains many substances to protect the new-born against diseases and infections. The quantity at first may seem less, bu...