Pregnancy Exercises For A Normal Delivery

During pregnancy you need to take extra care of yourself, but that does not mean you just rest for the whole day. For a successful pregnancy, there are some exercises which you should do.

You can’t go for your rigorous workouts, but there are exercises which you can do during pregnancy which in turn help you during labour. Here are some simple exercises which you can do during pregnancy for good health and to prepare yourself to give birth.

Don’t forget to walk

Walking is the most simple, yet effective exercise during pregnancy. A daily walk of around half an hour should work just fine. But, don’t exert yourself too much. If you feel tired then take a break & relax.

Sit properly

It is quite common to feel the urge to lean back into a couch or bed or recliner. Well, resist that urge. Try sitting upright with the pelvis a little forward. This helps in strengthening the core and stabilizing the pelvis, essential during labor. Another method of sitting properly during pregnancy is to sit cross-legged. By doing so you are pushing your uterus forward, stretching your legs and sitting cross-legged also helps in opening the pelvis a little more. Sitting in the squat position is also a very helpful pregnancy exercise to strengthen your pelvic area.

Lean forward

There are two ways you lean your body. Either you lean it forward or you lean it backward. When in pregnancy, leaning forward is the exercise that you need to practice. By doing this exercise, you help your baby get into the best position for the time of delivery.

A simple yoga exercise

There is an exercise in yoga called ‘butterflies’. This exercise opens up the pelvis and keeps the lower back flexible. All you have to do is sit on your bottom and put the soles of your feet together. Then move your legs up and down. You will be able to feel the stretch in your legs and pelvic area.

Sleep the right way

Even though it sounds bizarre but sleeping is also a vital pregnancy exercise. When you reach the fifth month of your pregnancy, it is advisable not to sleep on your back as it can cause problems like backache, blood pressure, digestive system and can also decrease circulation to your heart and baby. The best position to sleep is by sleeping on your left side as it can help increase the supply of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and baby.

These were few pregnancy exercises which can help you reach optimal health and also prepare you for natural childbirth. However, do not attempt any exercise during pregnancy until your doctor approves of it, no matter how small it is. Expert advice matters.

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